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Pharmaceutical Intermediates
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Pyridine hydrobromid 

CAS:18820-82-1 Product spec:98%min
Product Name: Pyridine hydrobromid Cas No.:18820-82-1 Purity:98%min Appearance:white or off-white solid Melting Point: 217~220ºC Molecular Fomular: C5H6BrN Molecular Weight: 160.01 Package: 25..
Post Time:[2018-09-21 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd


CAS:768-94-5 Product spec:98%min
Product Name: 1-Adamantanamine  Cas No.:768-94-5 Appearance:white crystal powder Purity:98%min Melting Point: 217~220ºC Molecular Fomular: C10H17N Molecular Weight: 151.25 Package: 25kgdrum Us..
Post Time:[2018-09-21 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd

1-Adamantanamine hydrochloride

CAS:665-66-7 Product spec:98.5%min
Product Name: 1-Adamantanamine hydrochloride Cas No.:665-66-7 Appearance:white or off-white solid Purity:98.5%min Melting Point: 300℃ Boiling point: 225.692°C at 760 mmHg Flash point: 95.974°C ..
Post Time:[2018-09-21 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd

Rimantadine hydrochloride 

CAS:1501-84-4 Product spec:99%min
Product Name: Rimantadine hydrochloride  Cas No.:1501-84-4 Appearance:white crystal powder Purity:99%min Melting Point: 373-375℃ Molecular Fomular: C12H22ClN Molecular Weight: 215.76 Package: 2..
Post Time:[2018-09-21 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd

Sodium t-butoxide

CAS:865-48-5 Product spec:99%min
Sodium t-butoxide Alternative name: Sodium ter-butoxide;SODIUM TERT-BUTYLATE;SODIUM TERTIARY BUTOXIDE;STB;sodiumt-butoxide,Sodium tert-butyl alcohol;Sodium tert-butoxide, 2-Methyl-2-propanol sodium s..
Post Time:[2018-09-21 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd


CAS:2402-77-9 Product spec:99%min
2,3-Dichloropyridine Cas No.:2402-77-9 Purity:99%min Appearance: white powder solid Molecular Fomular: C5H3Cl2N Molecular Weight: 147.99 Melting Point: 64-70°C Boiling point: 192.5°C(760 mm..
Post Time:[2018-09-21 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd


CAS:462-08-8 Product spec:99%min
3-Aminopyridine Cas No.: 462-08-8 Purity:99%min Appearance: white or light yellow crystal Molecular Fomular: C5H6N2 Molecular Weight: 94.1145 Melting Point: 61-65℃ Moisture: ≤0.50% Package: ..
Post Time:[2018-09-21 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd

Cis-Caffeic acid

CAS:331-39-5 Product spec:95%
Product name:Cis-Caffeic acid identification of product: VBL003 Cas no.: 331-39-5 Origin: microbial fermentation Molecular formula: C9H8O4 Molecular weight: 180.159 Appearance:light yellow powde..
Post Time:[2018-09-21 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd


CAS:10083-24-6 Product spec:95%-99%
PRODUCT NAME: 4-Hydroxystyrene CAS NO: 10083-24-6 Molecular Formular: C14H1204 Molecular weight: 244.24 Appearance: like white crystal powder Purity: 95%-99% Storage: 2-8℃ Usage: a kind of the ..
Post Time:[2018-09-21 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd


CAS:2987-16-8 Product spec:99%min
3,3-Dimethylbutyraldehyde Alias : 3,3-Dimethylbutanal; tert-Butylacetaldehyde CAS NO.: 2987-16-8 Molecular Formula: C6H12O Molecular Weight : 100.16 Specification : 99%min Surface :..
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