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Inorganic alkali
Product List

Potassium Hydroxide

CAS:1310-58-3 Product spec:90%
UseBattery industry, high-grade detergent and cosmetics,disproportionated rosin potassium soap and various kinds of sylvin, pharmaceutical intermediates, synthetic rubber,ABS resin and natural rubber ..
Post Time:[2011-06-24 ]Xingtai Yuanneng Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Hydrogen peroxide

CAS:7722-84-1 Product spec:50%
In different circumstances can have oxidation or reductive effect. Usable oxidant, bleach, disinfectants, take off chlorine agent, and for rocket fuel, organic or inorganic peroxide, foam plastics and..
Post Time:[2011-06-23 ]Tianjin Ruinade Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Potassium hydroxide

CAS:1310-58-3;71769-53-4 Product spec:48%
It can be used as the raw material, chemical production and used in medicine, dyestuff, light industry, etc.
Post Time:[2011-06-20 ]Nanjing Lidalong Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Sodium Hydroxide

CAS:1310-73-2 Product spec:99%,96%
A wide range of uses, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metal surface treatment, metallurgy, petroleum refining, papermaking, printing and dyeing, glass, leather, enamel, etc are applied.
Post Time:[2011-06-20 ]Nanjing Lidalong Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Caustic Soda

CAS:1310-73-2 Product spec:96%, 98% and 99%
Mainly used in synthetic fiber, papermaking, organic synthesis, textile, artificial silk, pharmacy and metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, soap, etc.

Hydrogen Peroxide

CAS:7782-84-1 Product spec:50%
Used as important oxidant, bleaching agent, antiseptic and antichlor. Mainly used for cotton and other fabric bleaching; The pulp bleaching and deinking; Organic and inorganic peroxides manufacturing;..
Post Time:[2011-06-17 ]Tianjin Yaqite Chemical Co., Ltd.

Caustic Soda

CAS: Product spec:96%,99%
NAOH 96% Sodium hydroxide (NaOH)≥------------------96.0 Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3)≤-------------1.30 Sodium chloride (NaCl≤----------------------2.70 Ferric oxide (Fe2O3)≤-------------------------0..

Soda Ash

CAS:497-19-8 Product spec:99%
soda ash is the basic industrial materials. It is widely used in the glass, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, medicine Soda, sodium carbonate also, a light, white, granular water-soluble soli..

Ammonium Bicarbonate

CAS:1066-33-7 Product spec:99.5%
Chemical Name Ammonium Bicarbonate Synonym Name Ammonium hydrogen carbonate CAS No. 1066-33-7 EINECS No. 213-911-5 Molecular Weight 79.06
Post Time:[2011-06-14 ]Qingdao Abel Technology Co., Ltd.

Caustic soda

CAS:1301-73-2 Product spec:96%
1. Used as the most common paint stripper on the wooder objects. 2. Used in conjunction with zinc for creation of the famous “Gold pennies” experiment. 3. Used in the refining of alumina contain..