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Inorganic alkali
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Hydrogen Peroxide

CAS:7722-84-1 Product spec:50%
1) Textile and paper industries: As bleaching agent 2) Waste water treatment: Obtaining dissolved oxygen and eliminating toxic effects 3) Chemical industry: In oxidation and hydroxylation reactions ..
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Hydrogen peroxide

CAS:7722-84-1 Product spec:Industrial Grade
Classification: Hydrogen Peroxide CAS No.: 7722-84-1 MF: H2O2 EINECS No.: 231-765-0 Standard: Industrial Grade Appearance: colorless

Caustic soda

CAS:1310-73-2 Product spec:99%
Direct application,(pulp and paper, soaps and detergents, aluminia, petroleum, textiles, water treatment,); organic chemicals, (propylene oxide, polycarbonate, ethyleneamines, epoxy resins,); inorgani..
Post Time:[2011-07-22 ]Tianjin Shuosen Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Hydrogen Peroxide

CAS:7722-84-1 Product spec:50%
Used as important oxidant, bleaching agent, antiseptic and antichlor. Mainly used for cotton and other fabric bleaching .The pulp bleaching and deinking ,organic and inorganic peroxidase manufacturing..
Post Time:[2011-07-21 ]Tianjin Yishunfa Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

caustic soda

CAS: Product spec:flakes ,plears ,solid
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Caustic Soda

CAS:1310-73-2 Product spec:99%,96%
used as the most common paint stripper on wooden objects. used in conjunction with zinc for creation of the famous "Gold pennies" experiment. is used in the refining of alumina containing ore (bau..

Ammonium Bicarbonate

CAS:1066-33-7 Product spec:99%
It is mainly used as advanced food baking powder. It is employed together with Sodium Bicarbonate as a constituent of swelling agent for bread, biscuit and pancake. And also it is a raw material for f..

Hydrazine Hydrate

CAS:10217-52-4;7803-57-8 Product spec:80% 55% 40% 64% 35%
This product is used as chemical industrial raw material and medicine.
Post Time:[2011-07-08 ]Tianjin Wanding Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

Caustic Soda

CAS:1310-73-2 Product spec:NaOH
Product Description Summary: Synonyms: Sodium Hydroxide Molecular formula: NaOH CAS NO.: 1310-73-2 Einecs No.: 215-185-5 Type: 96%, 98%, 99% Product Feature Appearance: Flakes, Pearl..
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Sodium bicarbonate

CAS:144-55-8 Product spec:99%
Sodium bicarbonate,white crystals of single crystal is opaque inclined subtle crystallization. heated can decompose and in dry air. There is no change in humid air, slow decomposition