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lanthanum nitride

CAS:25764-10-7 Product spec:99.99%,-100mesh
Product Name:Lanthanum Nitride Place of Origin:Hebei,China Brand Name:LEDPHOR CAS No.:25764-10-7 EINCS No.:247-245-1 Molecular Formula:LaN Formula Weight:152.91gmol Appearance:Black powder Mel..

praseodymium nitride

CAS:25764-09-4 Product spec:99.99%,-100mesh
Product Name:Praseodymium Nitride Place of Origin:Hebei,China Brand Name:LEDPHOR CAS No.:25764-09-4 Molecular Formula:PrN Molar Mass:194.91gmol Density:7.46gcm3 Appearance:Black powder Particl..

yttrium nitride

CAS:25764-13-0 Product spec:99.99%,-100mesh
Product NameChemical Name:Yttrium nitride Place of Origin:Hebei,China Brand Name:LEDPHOR CAS No.:25764-13-0 EINECS No.:247-248-8 Molecular Formula:YN Formula Weight:102.913gmol Density:5.60gcm3..

cerium nitride

CAS:25764-08-3 Product spec:99.99%,-100mesh
Product Name:Cerium Nitride Place of Origin:Hebei,China Brand Name:LEDPHOR CAS No.:25764-08-3 EINECS No.:247-243-0 Molecular Formula:CeN Formula Weight:154.12gmol Density:7.89gcm3 Appearance:B..

calcium chloride

CAS:10035-04-8 10043-52-4 Product spec:74% 77%
Product Name:Calcium Chloride Molecular Formula: CaCl2 CAS NO : 10035-04-8 10043-52-4 Pa..

snow melt salt / agent

CAS: Product spec:according to the users
Product Name: Snow melting salt and Snow Melting Agent Properties: Snow melting salt is mainly sodium chloride. Snow Melting Agent contains calcium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, ..

Magnesium Chloride

CAS:7791-18-6 Product spec:43% 46%
Product Name:Magnesium Chloride Molecular Formula: MgCl2 CAS NO: 7791-18-6 Index: Technologic..

2-Ethyl-anthraquinone 2-EAQ

CAS:84-51-5 Product spec:In 25kg woven bag with inner film or upon customers demands
2-乙基蒽醌 2-Ethyl-anthraquinone RAW MATERIAL FOR HYDROGEN PEROXIDE CAS Number:84-51-5 Applications:2-Ethyl-anthraquinone can be used as a photoinitiator of crosslinking or degradation of polyethyl..
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CAS:35691-65-7 Product spec:35691-65-7
High Quality DBDCB; Best price from China,Factory Hot sale Fast Delivery CAS:35691-65-7, Trade Name: 1,2-Dibromo-2,4-dicyanobutane Molecular formula: C6H6Br2N2 C..
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Aluminum Chloride AlCl3

CAS:7446-70-0 Product spec:7446-70-0
CAS Number:7446-70-0 Application: 1.Used as catalyst in organic synthesis, such as medicine, dye, liquid crystal, spices, flame retardant, petroleum cracking, rubber synthesis and water treatment ..
Post Time:[2021-08-26 ]Shandong Yubin Chemical CO.,LTD