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Nitrogenous compounds
Product List


CAS:75-04-7 Product spec:99.7%min(GC)
Product description: CAS No.: 75-04-7 Ammonia: 0.10%max Diethylamine: 0.20%max Triethylamine: 0.05%max Ethanol: 0.10%max Water: 0.10%max


CAS:109-89-7 Product spec:99.7%min (GC )
Product description: CAS No.: 109-89-7 Ethylamine: 0.1%max Triethylamine: 0.1%max Ethanol: 0.1%max Water: 0.2%max


CAS:121-44-8 Product spec:99.5% Min (GC)
Product description: CAS No.:121-44-8 Ethylamine: 0.1% Max Diethylamine: 0.1% Max Ethano: l0.1% Max Water: 0.1% Max


CAS:108-18-9 Product spec:99.7%
Product description: CAS No.: 108-18-9 Isopropylamine: 0.1% Purity: 99.7% Isopropanol: 0.2% Water: 0.2%


CAS:142-84-7 Product spec:99.5%Min (GC )
Product description: CAS No.: 142-84-7 Impurities :0.4%Max Water :0.1%Max Color: 15Max


CAS:123-77-3 Product spec:
Category: Organic chemicals and Derivatives CAS NO: 123-77-3 EC NO: 204-650-8 Molecular Formula: C2H4N4O2 Molecular Weight: 116.07936
Post Time:[2012-05-16 ]Hainan Huarong Chemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:108-91-8 Product spec:99.5% min
very good price with superior quality Appearance:Colorless to yellowy lucency liquid Content: 99.5% min Aniline: 0.01% max Dicyclohexylamine: 0.10% max Water: 0.20% max Packing: 175 kgdrum.gross weigh..
Post Time:[2012-05-16 ]Hainan Huarong Chemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:91-66-7 Product spec:99%
Used in dye intermediate, latex accelerant, pharmacy, pesticide, etc.
Post Time:[2011-09-13 ]Zhengzhou Domorechem Co., Ltd.

Coconutt Diethanol Amide(CDEA)

CAS:68603-42-9 Product spec:80% min
This product is a second ethanol, nonionic surfactant with thickening and stability, and the role of anions and cations and two surfactant compatibility widely applied to scour catharsis things, shamp..


CAS:108-78-1 Product spec:99.8%min
Mainly used to produce melamine-formaldehyde resin. It also could be used for decorating plates, amino-plastic, coherent agent, intensifier of paper currency, textile assistant, water-saving agent of ..
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