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Aromatic compounds
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CAS:108-86-1 Product spec:99.5%
Bromobenzene CAS NO. 108-86-1 Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Assay >99.5% Color <20APHA Moisture <0.05% Package 12.5kg5L Plastic drum
Post Time:[2011-03-15 ]Weifang Yonhop Chemical Co., Ltd.

Industrial Iinear alkylbenzene

CAS:6774-74-7 Product spec:96.5%
It is mainly used in surface active agent,emulsifier,cable oil and raw materials of detergent ect.


CAS:93-55-0 Product spec:99%min
CAS No: 93-55-0 Molecular formula: C9H10O Appearance: Pale yellow liquid Purity: 99%min Water content: 0.5%max
Post Time:[2011-01-06 ]Changzhou Keylab Chemical Co., Ltd.


CAS:80-10-4 Product spec:90%
A poison irritant to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. See also CHLOROSILANES. Can react vigorously with oxidizing materials. When heated to decomposition or on contact with acid or acid fumes it emit..
Post Time:[2011-01-06 ]Huangshan KBR Chemical Co.,Ltd.

2-Hydroxy-4-n-Octoxy Benzophenone

CAS:1843-05-6 Product spec:99% min
Appearance:Light yellow needle-like powder Content :99% min Melting Point:47 -49oC Ash:0.1% max Light Transmittance:450nm90% 500nm ≥ 95%
Post Time:[2010-12-27 ]Changyi Aoxin Chemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:586-62-9 Product spec:90%
terpinolene 90% Product Name: terpinolene 90% Synonym: p-Mentha-1,4(8)-diene CAS No. : 586-62-9 EINECSELINCS: 209-578-0 Molecular Formula: C10H16 Molecular Weight: 136.24
Post Time:[2010-12-27 ]Changsha Topglory Chemical CO, .Ltd.

beta pinene

CAS:18172-67-3 Product spec:95%
Product Name: beta pinene 95% CAS No.: 18172-67-3 MF: C10H16 MW: 136.24
Post Time:[2010-12-27 ]Changsha Topglory Chemical CO, .Ltd.

alpha terpineol

CAS:98-55-5 Product spec:90%
Product Name: alpha terpineol 90% CAS No.: 98-55-5 MF: C10H18O MW: 154.25
Post Time:[2010-12-27 ]Changsha Topglory Chemical CO, .Ltd.

alpha pinene

CAS:7785-26-4 Product spec:95%
alpha pinene 95% Product Name: alpha pinene 95% CAS No.: 7785-26-4 MF: C10H16 MW: 136.24
Post Time:[2010-12-27 ]Changsha Topglory Chemical CO, .Ltd.

Trimethyl phosphate

CAS:512-56-1 Product spec:≥99%
Appearance:colorless transparent liquit Content:≥99% Chroma: ≤20 Acid value(mgKOHg):≤0.2 Moisture:≤0.2% Light transmittance:≥90%
Post Time:[2010-12-24 ]Changshu Zhongjie Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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