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Aldehyde and ketone compounds
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CAS:96-26-4 Product spec:98%
the ingredient for self tanning, has been used successfully for about 40 years now. It's unique self tanning power,skin substantivity and remarkable safety makes DHA the most important active substanc..
Post Time:[2011-01-17 ]Taos Chemical Co.,Ltd.

1-Methanesulfonyl-2 -imidazolidone

CAS:41730-79-4 Product spec:≥99.0%
1-Methanesulfonyl-2 -imidazolidone [CAS]:41730-79-4 [Appearance]: white to offwhite powder [Purity]: ≥99.0% [Melting point]: 188-192°C [Loss on dry]: ≤0.5%


CAS:120-93-4 Product spec:≥98.5%
2-imidazolidinone [CAS]:120-93-4 [Appearance]: white to offwhite powder [Purity]: ≥98.5% [Melting point]: 128-133°C [Loss on dry]: ≤0.5%


CAS:637-88-7 Product spec:--
English name 1,4-cyclohexandione Molecular formula C6H8O2 Molecular weight 112 CAS No. 637-88-7 Melting point 76-79ºC Boiling point 112ºC26mmHg Colorless crystal,soluble in chloroform,etha..
Post Time:[2010-12-21 ]Chengdu ShuangChuan Chemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:1191-95-3 Product spec:contact us
Product Name: Cyclobutanone Cas No.: 1191-95-3 Chemical Formula: C4H6O Molecular Weight: 70.09
Post Time:[2010-11-16 ]Changzhou Anxuan Chemical, Co., Ltd.


CAS:1489-69-6 Product spec:contact us
Product Name: Cyclopropanecarboxaldehyde Cas No.: 1489-69-6 Chemical Formula: C4H6O Molecular Weight: 70.09
Post Time:[2010-11-16 ]Changzhou Anxuan Chemical, Co., Ltd.

Diisobutyl phthalate

CAS:84-69-5 Product spec:99%
DIBP is odorless plasticizer and has excellent heat and light stability. It is the lowest cost plasticizer for cellulose nitrate. DIBP has lower density and freezing point than DBP (CAS No.: 84-74-2)...


CAS:145-13-1 Product spec:99%
1. Used in the synthesis of steroid drug intermediate and steroid drugs; 2. Used as intermediate for the synthesis of progesterone, antiflamison; 3. With the same function of corticosteroids anti-in..
Post Time:[2010-11-09 ]XI'AN UNION PHARMPRO CO., LTD.

Malonaldehyde biscdimethy

CAS:102-52-3 Product spec:98%min
Used as intermediate of drug and dye, or preservative intermediate of agricultural products
Post Time:[2010-11-05 ]Wuhan Ruiji Chemical Co., Ltd.

White Soft Paraffin BP/ EP

CAS: Product spec:99%
White Soft Paraffin BP EP INTRODUCTION: The pharmaceutical grade Jellies are super white, highly refined semi solids & conform to the regulations laid down in the British & European Pharmacopoe..