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Carboxylic acids
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CAS: Product spec:GMA

benzoic acid

CAS:65-68-0 Product spec:content 99.0% min
Also known as: Dracylic acid, Benzeneformic acid, Carboxybenzene, benzenecarboxylic acid, phenylformic acid, Retardex, benzoate, Benzenemethanoic acid ,tech grade,benzoic acid tech grade

glyoxylic acid monohydrate

CAS:563-96-2 Product spec:98% crystaline
our glyoxylic acid crystalline is free glyoxal and formardehyde, it is the best quality in global market.
Post Time:[2014-07-25 ]STAN CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

dodecanedioic acid

CAS:693-23-2 Product spec:100%
dodecanedioic acid CAS number is 693-23-2, it has good performance of antirust.
Post Time:[2014-07-25 ]HANGZHOU RUNZE CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

undecanedioic acid

CAS:1852-04-6 Product spec:100%
undecanedioic acid cas number is 1852-04-6, it can corfree M1 as corrosion inhibitor.
Post Time:[2014-07-25 ]HANGZHOU RUNZE CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

Corfree M1

CAS:72162-23-3 Product spec:100%
Corfree M1 CAS number is 72162-23-3 it can provide the best corrosion inhibiting performance in metalworking fluid. and it is friendly-environmental .
Post Time:[2014-07-25 ]HANGZHOU RUNZE CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

Sodium Benzene Sulfinic Acid

CAS:873-55-2 Product spec:99.0%min
1. material for pharmaceuticals, electroplating industry and photosensitive materials 2. material used as intensifier and plasticizer for polymerization or binding 3. material for plasticizing and ..
Post Time:[2013-11-20 ]Suzhou Yinsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd.

7-Amino-3-nor-3-cephem-4-carboxylic acid

CAS:36923-17-8 Product spec:98.0%
cephalosporin nuclear parent, Ceftibuten and ceftizoxime intermediate

α-[[[2-Furanylcarbonyl)aminol]carbonyl] aminol]benzeneacetic aci

CAS:89307-25-5 Product spec:95%
α-[[[2-Furanylcarbonyl)aminol]carbonyl] aminol]benzeneacetic acid white crystal powder; insoluble in water and ordinary solvent; soluble in alkali liquor

Cefodizime acid

CAS:69739-16-8 Product spec:97%
cefodizime synthesis