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Equipment List

Waste Rubber Tire Shredder

Unit Type:Waste Rubber Tire Shredder Equipment spec:Waste Rubber Tire Shredder
Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd, the rubber powder from waste tire, after been regenerated, can be made into rubber products, such as fine rubber powder, green glue, rubber flooring, car fender,..
Post Time:[2016-07-08 ]Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd

Mud Cleaner

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The desilter is distributed in a round pattern, making the cyclone mixers bear uniformed pressure and flow. Different quantities of desanders and desilters can be supplied according to the customers’ ..
Post Time:[2015-02-05 ]HL Mud Cleaning Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Mud Cleaner

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solids control equipment which is the newest type to treat the drilling fluid. TR drilling mud cleaner are combined from desander. desilter and an u..

Compound cleaning machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The machine can be used for processing grain, oil seeds and other agricultural byproducts. The machines can also be used for sifting beans, sesames, melon seed, mixed grains, corn, rice grain, wheat, ..

Air-screen Cleaner

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The machines use a vibrating motor as its vibrating source: the regulation of both scale and direction of vibration is convenient and accurate. Advanced technology. advanced specification, efficient, ..

Sand Washer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Sand washer is used to remove the dust in sand. It is widely used for cleaning materials in the following industries: quarry, minerals, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water con..
Post Time:[2011-09-05 ]Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Pipeline-type dehumidifier

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Pipeline-type dehumidifiers are applicable to national defense construction, civil defense construction, tobacco and petrochemical industry, subway stations, aerospace industry, purification, laborato..

Large-sized Vertical Fresh Air Exchanger

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The fresh air exchanger chip is made of efficient aluminum or ER paper,high heat transfer efficiency,can be cleaned by water without shrinkage deformation,the heat recovery efficiency reached 72%,in v..

Modular Air Handling Unit

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Jetex-Lloyd's Modular Air handling unit features as wide application and flexible combination. They can be assembled with various functional sections such as air heating coil section, cooling coil sec..

Automatic continuous liquid atomization system

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Automatic quantitative continuous filling liquid and spray system, applicable to tube diameter ≥6mm, and within the tube of reagent quantitative filling and spray filling special equipment;such as: di..
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