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Equipment List

Fan filter HEPA nit

Unit Type:KLC-FFU Equipment spec:
FFU Fan Filter Unit is a high clean instrument for clean room, especially for semiconductor, LCD industry. It is installed on the ceiling and match for requirement of big quantity in the clean room. ..

Air Shower

Unit Type:KLC-1300-p1 type Equipment spec:Customized design
1400 Air Shower automatic air shower Air shower is a necessary passage for person or goods entering into the clean room in order to minimize the amount of particulate contaminants. Personnel move th..

Compound cleaning machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The machine can be used for processing grain, oil seeds and other agricultural byproducts. The machines can also be used for sifting beans, sesames, melon seed, mixed grains, corn, rice grain, wheat, ..

Air-screen Cleaner

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The machines use a vibrating motor as its vibrating source: the regulation of both scale and direction of vibration is convenient and accurate. Advanced technology. advanced specification, efficient, ..

Sand Washer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Sand washer is used to remove the dust in sand. It is widely used for cleaning materials in the following industries: quarry, minerals, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water con..
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High negative pressure dust collector

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
AR-CP senes of collectors is your best choince among the similar small and medium-sized dust collectors,it is the safest and the cleanest solution The dedustors used one body design,mainly including ..

Sel-cleaning dust collector

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
After inhaling the dust air,the air power equipment will result in wear,the inhaled dust will dirt in the fan blade surface,will cause the decrease of rotor's dynamic balance accuracy,reducing its wor..

Pulse Bag House

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Dust gas entry the middle or bottom body from the bag house inlet,in the process of enter into the top body through the filter bag,the dust in the airflow is captured by the filter bag because of vari..

Commercial water purifier

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1. Tap water, automatic continuous water production, great to meet actual customer demand; 2. Product integration, modular, quick-fit interior design, easy installation and maintenance, small size, b..

Public Direct Drinking Equipment

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Automatic water sales machine is a mobile water station, and a complete small drinking water treatment plant. Its water is healthy; Its shape is fashion; Operation is safe and efficient. Automatic p..
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