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Flow Measuring Instrument
Equipment List

peristaltic pump

Unit Type:peristaltic pump BT301L Equipment spec:BT301L peristaltic pump +YZ15 pump head
Beautiful, economical and practical for laboratory environments; • Color touch screen, making the information more intuitive peristaltic pump and the operation more convenient; • Intelligence expert..
Post Time:[2016-02-16 ]Baoding Lead Fluid Technology Co.Ltd

Laser Type Tachometer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The handy key board for the selection of the various functions.the extreme simplicity of regulation all sereve to permit a rapid and reliable execution of calibration and measurement. High sensitivit..
Post Time:[2011-07-05 ]Kelilong Electron Co., Ltd.

Poor type ultrasonic flowmeter

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Product introduction: 1518 series KRC - fixed time type of single channel ultrasonic liquid fluxcalorimeters DSP (digital type), a single fixed mode flowmeter (ultrasonic timecross correlation technol..
Post Time:[2010-12-10 ]Dalian cary chi technology Co., LTD.,

Electromagnetic flowmeter

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
KRCFLO 8011 series intelligence electromagnetic flowmeter applicable for pipe epitropic liquid volume flow measurement, such as water and mud, pulp, acid and alkali, salt, liquid and food grout, etc. ..
Post Time:[2010-12-10 ]Dalian cary chi technology Co., LTD.,

PD750E-2S4 multi-function Electric meter

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
PD750E and PD750Z series multi-function power meter is for the power system, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, intelligent buildings and other power monitoring, intelligent control..

PD750Z-9HY multi-harmonic form

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
H Series economical multi-function table is for the voltage harmonic systems, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, intelligent buildings and other power control, intelligent control, ..

PD750E-2FY multi-rate table

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Install Multi Rate Meter is a kind of measure, display, communications, energy pulse output and a programmable set features smart meters, up to 12 hours with 2 sets of 4 rates. Standard RS-485 communi..

PZ750V-21 42 single-phase voltage meter square

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Digital voltage meter applied to the power grid, automatic control system, the main power in the voltage measured parameters, in accordance with its additional, function, we have X, K, D, S four serie..

PS750-E-5 48 meter trough

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The series power meter used advanced energy metering chip, combined with total degree of mechanical devices designed with the merits; products with high accuracy, reliability, long life, small size, e..


Unit Type: Equipment spec:
- Highly Reliable, Fast, Accurate Sensing Technology - User Friendly, Simple To Operate & Easy To Install - Power On Startup Through Intelligent Electronics, Self Driven Menu - Easy-to-read Dis..
Post Time:[2010-06-01 ]Ambetronics Engineers Pvt. Ltd
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