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Fermentation extraction equipment
Equipment List

QL Series Air Generator

Unit Type:QL Series Air Generator Equipment spec:QL Series Air Generator
QL Series Air Generator 1.Features: 1.Improve analysis accuracy, lower cleaning requirement on detector. 2.Match with GC and analytic column. 3.Gas Purity: the amount of hydrocarbon is less than 0..

Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Using kehao stainless conical fermenters, you can make your favorite beverage with less work, less expensive, and more fun. They are professionally designed equipment for the mini discriminating brewe..


Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Condensers We offer Condensers that find application in chemical & intermediates industry, fertilizers industry, food & dairy sector, organic batch processing, petrochemical industry, pharmaceu..
Post Time:[2010-12-21 ]Welkin Engineering Company

Carbon dioxide over-critical extraction equipment

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
This product is the green extraction technology. It mainly includes extraction kettle, segregator, heat exchanger, CO2 storage tank and others Main performance index: Maximum working pressure:42MP..
Post Time:[2010-12-03 ]Kaiyuan Chemical Machine Co.,Ltd.

fermentation cylinder

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
fermentation cylinder
Post Time:[2010-12-01 ]Shandong saien technology Co., LTD

WBF serial transparent glass reaction kettle

Unit Type:WBF serial Equipment spec:
Characteristics: Made of high-intensity borosilicate glass, this product owns large superiority in compression, heat and corrosion resistances, especially the ..

Lab WHFS model reaction kettle

Unit Type:WHFS Equipment spec:
Characteristics: With its most part the same as WHF model conventional product, this kettle model is specially equipped with pedestal and cover lifting device..

Industrial Agitators

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Industrial Agitators General: The agitators are used for mixing, blending various types of liquids, semi liquids. The machine is provide with agitator, motor, and gear box with coolingheating jacke..
Post Time:[2010-09-16 ]Fans Bro Erectors


Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Fermentation tank is a kind of fermentation equipment for mechanical mixing. It adapts internal circulation, stirring paddle, broken bubble.

Aloe Vera Processing Plant

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Aloe Vera Processing Plant Item Code: One-ton We manufacture an optimum range of aloe vera processing plant which is manufactured using superior quality SS 304 316 and high quality output Liquid ..
Post Time:[2010-08-12 ]Best Engineering Technologies
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