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Equipment List

drilling fluid diesel oil tank

Unit Type:set Equipment spec:new drilling fluid diesel oil tank for solid control
Xian TianRui petroleum machinery equipment Co., LTD. In addition to research and development, design and manufacture mud purification system, mud recycling system, equipment and the water tank, also i..

Oilfield water tank

Unit Type:set Equipment spec:new drilling fluid water tank for solid control
This set of oilfield water tank made by two sets of IHB50-32-160-B centrifugal pump, a electric control cabinet and outlet tube combination, each pump inlet and outlet tube all install a valve, contro..

WFI Storage Tank

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
WFI strorage and distribution systems are custom designed to meet the specific requirements of your application. These systems can incorporate all of the monitoring equipment and control devices for t..

Agitating tank

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Agitating tank is suitable in industries to wet agitate slurry materials, allowing ore particles to suspend and to fully contact with reagent before being mixed evenly and creating conditions for sepa..

Limpet Tank

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Limpet Tank The limpet tank that we manufacture is made up of limpet type jacket for durability. With this they do not wear easily and can be used over a long period of time. It is manufactured..
Post Time:[2012-05-18 ]Metafab Enterprise

Mixing tank

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Applicable to dispensing of injection, transfusion, frozen-dried injection powder and vaccine. The series Automatic dispensing equipment consists of touch screen, PLC control, pneumatic valves, trans..

Custom Tank

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
KEHAO company can manufacture single-layer storage tank, dimple jacket tank, electricalsteam heating tank, with or without agitator blend tank. Our cunstom tanks are widely applied in the beverage, fo..

Transporting Liquid Nitroge Tank

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The product is made of antirust aluminum alloy and structured with high-vacuumed super adiabatic multi-layers. A bottom support bracket is placed in-between inside body and outside crust to enhance an..

Liquid storage tank

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
YIHO can fulfill the different requirements about all kinds of vertical, horizontal, containerized and flat bottom big size c Compare to the gases, the volume of liquefied gases is much more small..
Post Time:[2011-08-22 ]Shenzhen Yiho Technology Co.,Ltd.

Cooling and heating tank

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Cooling and heating tank (another name is ageing tank) has advantages such as being energy saving, noise-proof, abrasion-proof, easy to clean and so on, with high capacity. It is widely used industrie..
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