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Equipment List

Air Cooled Condensing Unit

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
● Super quiet top air discharge ● Sheet metal guard is standard. Optional nylon and grill guard is available ● Coils are constructed of copper tubing with protected aluminum fins for durability and ..

Air-cooled condenser

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Single fan serial had more than 50 types, rated capacity:1.08~11.0KW, Fin spare:1.8~3.5mm axial fan YZE serial with the cover fan, YWF serial with outer-rotor fan, FZL Seiial with inner-rotor fan, Vol..
Post Time:[2011-08-24 ]Wuhan Yonchi Trading Co.,Ltd.

Peripheral Drive Condensing Machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
This machine is suitable for condensing beneficial ore and dewatering waste ore. The rake rack is truss, the drive type is divided to roller type and rack type; the drive gear is motor direct cycloid ..

Air cooled condenser

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
air cooled heat exchangers for refrigeration system. They are divided in 4 groups: FN, FNS, FNV and FNP. The air flow of them all is flowing out by side except FNV, which is top blowing. All the produ..

Glass Lined Condenser

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Glass lined condenser consists of several glass lined dishes fixed by flanges. Compared to glass lined combined tubular heat exchanger, this condenser has smaller structure and less weight, but the he..

Micro channel automotive condenser

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Micro-channel condenser, covering automotive condenser like micro-cars, pickups, heavy trucks, buses, passenger cars condenser Core covering thickness: 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 36mm, etc.; Surface trea..

Heat Exchanger for Central Air Conditioner Chiller

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Name: Heat exchanger for central air conditioner chiller Fin material: Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium Tube material: Stainless steel, carbon steel, copper Work pressure: 2.0MPa Work ..

Barometric Condenser

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
We are one of the leading manufacturers Barometric Condenser. Manufacturers and Barometric Condenser Set Exporters based in India. Our Barometric Condenser is manufactured from the high quality raw ma..
Post Time:[2011-02-11 ]Technofab Engineers, Jaipur


Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Our clients can avail a superior quality Condenser for our clients, which is precisely engineered for close-miking applications on percussion and cymbals. We offer a transducer type condenser, which i..
Post Time:[2011-01-17 ]Sri Durga Engineering, Hyderabad


Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Company production of chemical equipment mainly has: tower device, reactor, heat exchangers, storage, fine filters etc. The company since its inception, has for petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, pharma..
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