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Hangzhou Hansin New Packing Materials Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Hansin New Packing Materials Co., Ltd was established in 2006, specializing in the production of medium and large liquid flexible packaging and the provision of storage and transportation solutions.


Al Taher Chemicals Trading LLC

Al Taher Chemicals, one of the industrial leader chemical companies in UAE, delivers ideal one-stop solutions for the metal finishing, metal coating, and other chemical requirements. Being an ISO 9001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified trading company, we have partnered with powerful brands and serve across the Middle East Region.



ZIBO YUSHUN NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD. is the professional and comprehensive supplier of chemical products in China, founded in 2012, located in industrial city of Zibo. We connect chemical manufacturers and end users globally, but with a value-added services such as strong technical know-how, just-in-time delivery, product mixing, formulation, repackaging, inventory management, YUSHUN aims to be the partner of our customers and suppliers, and this partnership goes far beyond distribution itself. Our main business focuses on rubber and plastic industry, we supply raw materials and additives for polymers, please refer to our products list for more information. Currently we have customers all over the world with our competitive price, stable quality control and professional services. Expecting you to make an inquiry or start a conversation with us.


Hebei Tobee Pump Co.,Limited

Hebei Tobee Pump Co.,Limited, is a professional manufacturer in designing and manufacturing Centrifugal Slurry Pumps, Pipes & Fittings, Valves etc. Our factory is located in the High tech Development Zone, Shijiazhuang City, China. We specialized in Horizontal slurry pumps, Vertical slurry pumps, Warman slurry pumps, Gravel sand pumps, Dredging pumps, Paper pulp pumps, Molten Salt Pumps, End suction pumps, Double suction pumps, Multistage pumps, Boiler feed water pumps, Self priming pumps, Inline centrifugal pumps, Sea water pumps, Chemical pumps, Irrigation pumps, Fire pumps, API 610 centrifugal oil pumps, Sewage pumps, Submersible slurry pumps, Slurry Pump spare parts, Pipes & fittings and Valves in domestic and over 80 countries in the world.


Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Industrial Water Treatment Systems - Membrane Systems Australia Pvt Ltd is Australia's most renowned company in providing water treatment, Industrial water treatment, irrigation water treatment, and water filtration services for even drink. We provide custom or standard built treatment systems to treat bore water, dam water, brackish water, and/or waste/recycled which is then used for mineral processing, truck cleaning, and environmental discharge. For more queries you can visit our website online or you can us on our number 1300 851 469 !!


Henan Ouber Technology Co., Ltd.

Henan Ouber Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of OLED intermediates and Fullerene Nano materials. OLED intermedaites main including Trianzines, Carbazole, Amine, Anthracene, Biphenyl, Furan, Naphthalene and Isoquinoline. Fullerene Nano materials main including Fullerene C60, Fullerene C70, PCBM and so on. We have 1 R&D center and 1 production plant, have strictly QC system. Great team will offer you high quality products with lower price. Welcome to contact us to know more details.


Changsha Honor Biotech Co.,ltd.

Honorbiotech is a peptide full-service company engaged in providing top quality peptide related products and new peptide custom manufacturing service. we have full range of peptides refer to the field of pharmaceutical, supplement, cosmetic, veterinary, specially for peptide supplement, we have eight years experiences for target market entrance permission and export, it greatly helps our clients to build and develop the business. Honorbiotech insists on Quality is the life, every batch of our products are through comprehensive quality analysis and extremely strict quality control, with GMP guideline factory, the quality can be guaranteed. Our expertise is on peptide solutions, offering quality raw materials, consulting on your project sourcing and partnership. we strive to provide integral solution on package, cost-effective approach and safe transportation. we focus on providing better peptide. Our products: Generic peptide, Peptide hormone, Peptide supplement, Cosmetic peptide, Veterinay peptide Our service: GMP peptide manufacturing, New petide development and manufacturing

Phone:86 19926416063

Shijiazhuang Xinlongwei Chemical Co., Ltd.

We, Shijiazhuang Xinlongwei Chemical Co., Ltd., focus on Liquid Hazard Chemicals and being one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of Hydrochloric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Caustic Soda Liquid and Lead Nitrate in North China.


Qingdao Nalong Dingsheng Commerce Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Nalong Dingsheng Commerce Co., Ltd. (NDCC) is a global provider of food additives and ingredients specializing in serving the demand for raw materials needed for finished food products. Our clients trust us to provide quality ingredients every single time. We mainly focus on top quality products and excellent supply chain management, we are very strong and active in Vitamins, Thickeners, Proteins, Acidulants, Preservatives, Antioxidants, Sweeteners, Phosphates, Flavorings & Aromas, Plant Extracts, Amino Acids, Colorants, Emulsifiers, Nutritional Supplements. We are providing a one-stop solution service to contract manufacturers, private label manufacturers, and distributors. We help our clients to avoid the trouble of dealing with multiple suppliers, accelerate product time-to-market, and most importantly, ensure outstanding quality control to consolidate your dominant position in the market. We are committed to be a loyal and reliable partner and supporter who understand you and stand behind you all the time and every single moment!


Chongqing Newsin Technology Co., Ltd

Chongqing Newsin Technology Co., Ltd established in 2020, located in U Innovation Park in Chongqing High-tech Zone,is one enterprise dedicated to the R & D, production and sales of new materials such as new functional materials (including evaporation materials, sputtering targets, alloys, semiconductor compounds, elemental metals, photoelectric materials, nano materials), pharmaceutical chemicals and laboratory equipment, etc. our products widely used in optics, solar energy, aerospace, biomedical, military, microelectronics and other fields. At present, our company mainly has the following product series: Optical coating materials (oxide evaporation materials such as silicon oxide and silicon dioxide, titanium target, high-purity metal target, high-purity alloy target, ceramic target, Pt / Ti / SiO2 / Si wafer single crystal substrate) Nano materials (including: hydroxyapatite, nano compound, Au / Ag / Cu nanowires, Carbon Nanohorn, Fullerene, Graphene) Metal materials (including metal plate, rod, wire) Pharmaceutical chemicals (including API, organic intermediates and fine chemicals) Laboratory equipment (including: Ultrasonic Extractor, Magnetron Sputtering System) With many years of experience in new chemical materials, Newsin tech has established a solid foundation with many colleagues and has obtained good reputation. The quality and after-sale products sold by our company are reliable, and the price is reasonable. Our company is willing to a new situation of win-win cooperation with customers at home and abroad with environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving products.


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