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Kaiyada Material

Leshan Kai Yada Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2003 September, is a professional R & D, production, processing and sales of compound semiconductor materials, optoelectronic materials of private enterprise, located in Leshan high tech zone.2006 was identified as high-tech enterprises,the same year the development of indium antimonide single crystal won the Science and technology progress award. For 13 years,The Company specializes in the production and purification of minor metals such as Tellurium,Antimony ,indium,selenium and Bismuth as well as inorganic chemicals based on such metals and compound semiconductor: High-Purity metals(4N-7N): Tellurium(Te)for CdTe thin-film solar cells,CZT single crystal and other alloy; Antimony(Sb)for InSb&GaSb single crystal,Sb2O3 and other alloy; Oxygen-Free Selenium(Se)for far infrared optical glass and CIGS&CIS thin-film solar cells; Bismuth(Bi)for high-purity Bi2O3… Indium(In)for InSb,InP,InN single crystal and CIGS&CIS thin-film solar cells


Shandong Boke Water Treatment Co.,Ltd

Shandong Boke water treatment Co., Ltd. is located in Zaozhuang City, Shandong chemical high-tech park, the company focused on research and development, in water treatment chemicals production and technical services, to become a first-class water treatment chemicals manufacturers and high quality technical service provider. The products are divided into 8 series, more than 100 varieties. The main products include scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, dispersing agent, chelating agent, germicide, cleaning agent, pre coating agent, reverse osmosis membrane special reagents from monomer to composite chemicals. The main products of the annual production capacity of single agent HEDP , ATMP , PBTCA Organic phosphorus series 30000 tons, HPMA , PESA , PAA AA-AMPS series of polymer, 20000 tons, 1227, CMIT/MIT, THPS and other fungicides annual production capacity of 30000 tons. Brocade water treatment has a strong technical support system, has deep technical accumulation, in the oil field chemicals, chemicals, metal surface treatment chemicals and other industrial water treatment areas have rich experience in site service, from the water quality analysis, optimization, complex processing to the scene to guide the one-stop service system, provide the optimal effect, for the customer the highest effective solutions.


Qualitron Chemicals & Pigments

Qualitron Chemicals is the leading manufacturers of Phthalocyanine Pigments & worldwide provider of high quality custom manufacturing services to the quality pigments for many industries. From process development to commercial manufacturing, we focus the right resources to provide the highest level of service and quality.We ensure innovative solutions to meet your unique manufacturing needs. Products Phthalocyanine Pigment Green 7 Phthalocyanine Pigment Green 36 Alpha Blue pigment 15:0 Alpha Blue pigment 15:1 Pigment Beta Blue 15.3 Pigment Beta Blue 15.4 Organic Pigment Yellow 13 Manufacturer Pigment Orange 13 Manufacturer Pigment Red Manufacturer Pigment Violet Manufacturer Chrome Pigments - Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in India inorganic pigment manufacturers in india


Yangzhou Chenhua New Material CO.,LTD

Established in May, 1995, Yangzhou Chenhua New Materials CO., LTD. is a middle-scaled manufacturer specialized in the research, development, production, and sale of fine chemicals. Our company covers the area of 100,000 square meters, including a building area of 20,000 square meters. The total asset is about USD 32 million. There are about 18 professional technicians and 110 technicians in our factory. A technique center authorized by Jiangsu Province is also established. We have built many facilities, such as flame retardant manufacture equipment with 20,000MTcapacity production, surfactant manufacture equipment with 15,000MT capacity production, silicone rubber manufacture equipment with 10,000MT capacity production and silicone sealant manufacture equipment with 3,000MT capacity production. The main products of our company include Flame retardants series, Polyether amine series, Alkyl Polyglucoside series, Surfactants series, Silicon Rubber series, Sealant series, Water-borne polyurethane resin series, textile auxiliary series and so on. These products are widely used in the industry of textile, printing and dyeing, everyday use chemicals, pesticide, plastic, polyurethane, medicine, machine, automobile, wire and cable, architecture and installation. Our products have been sold to more than 20 cities and provinces in China and have exported to All over the world, such as European Union, Japan, Korea, Singapore, USA, Argentina, and so on. Yangzhou Chenhua New Materials CO., LTD. is a promising company and we sincerely hope that we would establish good business relationships with you to get a more beautiful future.

Phone:0086 15895745764

Beijing Greekn pail-making Co. ltd

Beijing Greekn Pail-Making Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-tech producing equipment with testing facilities and strong technical forces.With a wide range of Metal Tin can and pail in all shapes and colors, we provide customers with products of the best quality. Our products are extensively used for liquid and solid products, such as paint, coating, chemical gasoline etc. We also sell paint and epoxy flooring coating. Customers are welcome to contact for free.


Shanghai Rcts Chemical Co.,ltd

For over 9 years,our team providing quality chemicals includes but not limited to precursor chemicals,APIs, biochemicals,design drugs,to satisfy customer requirements. RCTSCHEMS are familiar with the development history of research chemicals and have served many customers for many years. Now the products are emerging in an endless stream, but there are few potential products, the market is becoming more and more strict, and there are few reliable suppliers. Therefore, we only focus on the r&d and sales of high-end products, and more on core products.Under the premise of complying with the laws and regulations of various countries, we are willing to expand together with more customers.RTCS products are the guarantee of quality and reputation.More infomation please check our


Shanghai Lianlu Industrial Co., Ltd

Factory located in Jiangxi Wanzai Industrial Park, main products: Pyridoxal-5'-phosphate, Sodium pyruvate, Pyruvic acid, Potassium pyruvate, Calcium pyruvate, Vitamin E polyethylene glycol succinate, vitamin E TPGS, Estiol and so on.



Şişecam Chemicals Group represents one of the four main businesses of Şişecam. The Group represents Şişecam in the chemicals, mining and glass fiber industries successfully on a global scale. It operates in the fields of soda products and chromium chemicals industrial raw materials, glass fiber, Vitamin K3 derivatives, and sodium metabisulfite in over 20 facilities across 5 countries. The foundations of the Chemicals Group was laid with Soda Sanayii A.Ş.​ founded in 1969 for the purpose of producing soda ash, one of the key raw materials of the glass industry. The chemicals produced at the Soda P​lant in Mersin/Turkey and at the Kromsan Chromium Compounds Plant, which joined the group in 1982, are supplied to various fields from detergents to chemicals and from leather to pharmaceuticals. The Group’s first investment abroad was its 25% partnership in the Sodi Soda Ash Plant in Bulgaria in 1997. Another partnership in 2005 with the Italian Cromital company, operating in the field of chromium chemicals, resulted in its complete acquisition in 2011. The Lukavac Soda Ash Plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina, producing soda ash, was acquired in 2006. The Chemicals Group has a total production capacity of 2.2 million tons of soda products, which makes it the 4th largest producer in Europe and the 10th in the world. With future capacity increases, Şişecam Chemicals will remain one of the global players among soda ash and sodium bicarbonate suppliers. In chromium chemicals, Şişecam is the leading sodium dichromate, basic chromium sulfate and chromic acid producer in the world, thanks to the Kromsan Chromium Compounds Plant in Mersin/Turkey and Cromital S.p.A. in Italy. Through the years, the Group has developed its capacity, technology, and product range, improving its position in the market for new chromium chemicals (Chromium III products). In addition to “Trisurfin,” which was lauched in 2008, the plant began producing chromium nitrate and chromium chloride. The Group has also become a dependable supplier in its region for sodium suphate after its plant was commissioned. The raw material needs of the glass, glass fiber, and soda ash plants under Şişecam are supplied by the Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. under the Chemicals Group. ​Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. operates around 70 mining fields and 18 raw material production and processing facilities throughout Turkey, a​s well as being active in mine exploration, technological research, and plant design. In addition to the local operations, Camiş Egypt Mining Ltd. Co. was founded in Egypt in 1999. The company is producing silica sand from licensed fields and raw material processing plants in Egypt. On 2010, all the shares of R.K. Vijenac d.o.o. Limestone Plant in the Tuzla Canton of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Federation was acquired jointly by Camiş Madencilik A.Ş. and Fabrika Cemmenta Lukavac of Austria. The plant produces raw materials for the cement and soda ash industries. The total production capacity of the Group in mining operations in Turkey and abroad has reached 4.5 million tons. Founded under the Şişecam Chemicals Group in 1999, Oxyvit Kimya Sanayii ve Ticaret A.Ş. produces Vitamin K3 and derivatives, products that have high added value and are used in the feed industry and premix production. In 2006, the company added sodium metabisulfite to its production line to supply textile industries. Oxyvit was certified in 2009 for the production of sodium metabisulfite also at food quality. In July 2017, Oxyvit Kimya Sanayii ve Ticaret A.Ş was completely acquired and Soda Sanayii AŞ became the sole owner of the company.​​ Another important player of the Group is Cam Elyaf Sanayii A.Ş. in Gebze/Turkey.Functioning under Şişecam Chemicals, the company produces reinforcement products for the GRP industry and its products are used inwind turbine blades, automotive parts, engineering plastics, maritime, construction and various other industrial applications.Cam Elyaf began production in 1973, and soon became one of the leading glass fiber producers in Europe thanks to continual increases in capacity.​ Şişecam Chemicals Group demonstrates its responsible approoach with its continuous investments in the environment, meeting its own energy requirements by its energy cogeneration plant. Soda Sanayii A.Ş. under the Şişecam Chemicals Group is a publicly traded company at BIST.



BK-EBDP ,MDMA,bk-edbp,bk-mdma,ephylone,methylone,N-Ethylpentylone,N-Ethyl-pentylone,bkebdp,bkedbp,bkmdma,bk-ethyl-K,CAS:8492312-32-2,ethylone,bk-mdea, β-keto-ethylbenzodioxolylpentanamine, 4-CEC,4-Chloroethcathinone,4mmc ment,4-methylmethcathinone, 4-CDC ,4cmc ment, synthetic meth, 4-MPD, 4MPD,4-Methylpentedrone,4-Methyl Pentedrone,mephedrone ment, HEX-EN,Cocaine



Changsha EASCHEM is a leading company of marketing and distributing chemicals and new materials under EASMATERIAL GROUP by reregistering from Easchem International from China since 2013. We, EASCHEM, are the brand with the aim for erecting up Big Chemical Data Platform, studying frontier technologies, exploring market opportunity, developing innovative products and providing good services to clients in chemical and new material area. Currently, Changsha EASCHEM is mainly engaging in chemicals and new materials import&export, domestic storage and distribution. We focus on top quality products and excellent supply chain management, make full use of advantageous resources and self-broad international business perspectives, provide good quality products, services and solutions to fulfill the market challenges and needs of our clients at home and abroad.