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STERICOX serves hospitals, pharmaceutical, chemical, food beverage and dairy industries, electronics and semi-conductor industries in the area of laboratory equipment. The company manufactures laboratory oven, autoclave, muffle furnace, tray dryer, environmental chamber, biosafety cabinet, laminar air flow and pass box etc. The company supplies its products throughout India and also export to UAE, Africa, Sri Lanka and other middle east countries.


Puyang Rongtai Chemical Co., Ltd

Puyang Rongtai Chemical Co., Ltd., is a comprehensive manufacturers in China which engaged in water treatment production,we started with Polyacrylamide and Poly Aluminum Chloride in about 15years experience. Our factory located in Taiqian county,Puyang city,Henan,we have developed the capability with 25000Tons/year for Polyacrylamide(PAM),15000Tons/year for Poly Aluminum Chloride,15000Tons/year for CMC,CMS,Making-incense powder. Our Products:Anionic polyacrylamide、Cationic polyacrylamide、Nonionic polyacrylamide、Amphoteric polyacrylamide、Poly Aluminum Chloride、Carboxymethyl cellulose、Carboxymethyl Starch、Making-incense powder. Applications:Oil field, making paper, chemical, coal washing, textile printing and dyeing, paint, environmental water treatment, environmental protection materials, water purification materials and other industries.


Hebei Oroni Biotechnology Co,.Ltd

Hebei Oroni Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focusing on the international market of peptide, steroids and sarms , the company has a solid economic foundation, a strong relationship network, an operation ability strong backbone team, to provide customers with stable and reliable quality of products and professional, all-round services. our products enjoy good reputation both at home and abroad.Our trade partners are around the world, mainly in America,Europe,Australia,South East Asia ,Middle East and South Africa. In order to serve customers well, the company has established special technical department and after-sale service department. We will make careful reply if you get any question. The company with all the employees will constantly purse excellent quality, perfect brand and our image, and adheres to our spirit of honesty, diligence, seeking truth and progress and insists on business philosophy of quality as life and service as soul. We will satisfy market demands by top products and better service, and will welcome market challenge forever. Sincerely welcome domestic and external customers to negotiate and trade.


Nanjing Nake Nano Biomaterials Co.,Ltd

Nanjing Nake Nano Biomaterials Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2012, located in Nanjing. It has beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Nake Nano Biomaterials is one professional manufacturer of nano-hydroxyapatite in China. Nake Nano Biomaterials Co.,Ltd launches nano hydroxyapatite in different particle size for the application of oral health and bone implants, we focuses on supplying better polymers, nanoparticles and other materials for worldwide customers from both academia and industry. Hydroxyapatite series: medical nano-hydroxyapatite, food-grade hydroxyapatite, toothpaste-grade hydroxyapatite, Bone coating & thermal spraying hydroxyapatite, 3D Printing hydroxyapatite Metal oxides series: silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, aluminium oxide, zirconium dioxide, ferrous oxide magnetic powder, ferrous oxide non-magnetic and magnetic powder, magnesium oxide. WEBSITE: E-MAIL:


Shenyang Tengrun Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Shenyang Tengrun Chemicals (TRCHEM for short), is a professional supplier of lubricant&grease additives/chemicals. TRCHEM is established based on the developing prospect of lubricant chemicals. TRCHEM additives have been proven for excellent performances when used in the productions of lubricants and greases. TRCHEM products can cover mulfunctional specialty additives including various kinds of organic Molybdenum compounds (Friction Modifiers), DMTD and its derivatives, Benzotriazole derivatives, ashless S-P type EP/AW additives, high-performance antioxidants, HKCHEM is also good at supplying ZDDP,TBN Booster,EP AW additives,VII,Antirust additives and engine oil additives, industrial lubricant additives and so on. TRCHEM products could be widely used in various lubricating working conditions of engine oils, hydraulic oils, greases, gear oils, metalworking fluids and other lubricants. HKCHEM products have been proved to significantly boost lubricant and grease performances, improve FEI, effectively protect equipments and prolong the oil changing periods, which could satisfy the increased requirements of higher-grade additives for d lubricants.Our company is doing our best to provide best support and service for the development of worldwide lubricant & grease field!



Goldstab Organics Pvt. Ltd.

We're the Largest Manufacturer for PVC Stabilizer, Litharge and Metallic Stearates. CRISIL A Rated and 2 STAR Export House by Government of INDIA.


vasudha chemicals

we are chemicals manufacture and exporter of specialty chemicals manufacture and exporter like Polyethylene Glycol(PEGs) and Polysorbate(Tween),Brnzhydrol for more then 35 years


AnHui NASHAI Import And Export Company

AnHui NASHAI Import And Export Company is established in May 7th 2019, and located in Hefei——the central City of Anhui Province. We are specialized in manufacturing and producing brazing materials. Our main products include silver-based brazing filler metal, copper-based brazing filler metal, aluminum-based brazing filler metal and associated brazing flux, flux-cored welding wire etc. Our brazing flux products include: silver welding paste, silver welding powder, copper welding paste, copper welding powder, aluminum welding paste, aluminum welding powder, spot welding paste (water), etc. The available shape of brazing alloys are rod, ring, sheet, strip, wire etc.


Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co.,LTD

Xipeng Technology (Luoyang) Co., Ltd is the company that is specialized in R&D, sales of environmental protection materials, air cleaning materials, industrial additives and functional chemicals. It is able to provide customers with products of high cost performance, more suitable solutions and perfect service support by relying on years of experience in the industry and resource advantage from cooperative partners. “With hope and friendship”, Xipeng Technology expects to become your sincere friend and cooperative partner, which is our initial motive as well as our operational concept and attitude of doing business we have persisted. We believe rewards will come one day as long as we are honest and hardworking. Moreover, what we aim to be is not a company with huge and more profits, but the cooperative partner satisfying customers so that win-win situation can be realized with customers and suppliers.


Guangzhou Mei-Dan Tioxide CO.,LTD

Our sole is superior pigments. We are the 23years' manufacturer in industrial pigments. Head office was established in 1996. Also we have a factory in Shandong province which is the biggest ultramarine factory in China. MEI DAN produces colored pigment powder, such as azo pigment, quinacridone pigment, fast violet, titanium dioxide, etc. The sales of MEI DAN PIGMENT focus on customer's needs and technical experts support technical service to providing the best purchasing experience to our customers.