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Biosaccharide gum-1

CAS:178463-23-5 Product spec:Content of dry matter≥1.00%; Content of fucose ≥0.10%
Specification: Appearance Light yellow liquid, Slightly Opalescent Odor Slight characteristic odor pH 6.00-7.50 Viscosity ≥500 cps Content of dry matter ≥1.00% Content of fucose ≥0.10% Total ba..
Post Time:[2015-10-12 ]GREAF

3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

CAS:86404-04-8 Product spec:99.0%-99.9%
Specification: Appearance White to off-white crystalline powder Content of water ≤1.00% pH(3% solution) 3.00-4.50 Solubility (100gL) Colorless to light yellow, clear liquid Melting point 111.0-11..
Post Time:[2015-06-05 ]GREAF


CAS:160872-27-5 Product spec:Content of polysaccharide≥1.00%
Specification: Appearance Colorless and transparent viscous liquid Odor Almost odorless Content of polysaccharide ≥1.00% pH 5.00-7.00 Total bacteria  100 CFUml Yeast and mold  10 CFUml Hg 0.05..
Post Time:[2015-06-05 ]GREAF

Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate

CAS:Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate Product spec:28.0-32.0%
Specification: Appearance Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid Odor Almost odorless pH 6.50-8.00 Content of active ingredient 28.0-32.0% Density 1.110-1.170 gcm3 Total bacteria  100 CFUm..
Post Time:[2015-06-05 ]GREAF

Vanillyl Butyl Ether

CAS:82654-98-6 Product spec:≥97.00%
 Specification: olorless to light yellow oily liquid Odor Characteristic odor Purity ≥97.00% Solubility Soluble in oil Refractive Index 1.511-1.535 Density 1.048-1.068 gcm3 Total bacteria  100 ..
Post Time:[2015-06-05 ]GREAF


CAS:38083-17-9 Product spec:99%
high purity, no heavy metal
Post Time:[2014-07-25 ]STAN CHEMICAL CO., LTD.


CAS:84380-01-8 Product spec:Specific rotation:174.0-186.0
α-Arbutin is a new type of active compound for beautifying and whiting the skin.α-Arbutin can be rapidly absorbed in the skin and ively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, therefore obstruct the melan..
Post Time:[2014-07-18 ]Chengzhi Life Science Co., Ltd.


CAS:3228-02-2 Product spec:a) Almost odorless, slight astringency, suitable for cosmetic
As the Speical Broad-Spectrum Non-Ion Sterilization & Anti Photolysis Ingredient ,o-Cymen-5-ol has been widely used in High-End cosmetic, pharmaceuticals and industry field. It’s the one of isomeride ..
Post Time:[2014-06-12 ]sunji&co.,ltd


CAS:97-59-6 Product spec:White Crystalline Powder Purity99%
Very important agent for High End cosmetics and Antiseptic and anti photolysis stabilizer
Post Time:[2014-06-12 ]sunji&co.,ltd


CAS:38083-17-9 Product spec:White or off-white crystal powder
It has a very good antifungal ability, has the inhibitory action to cause dandruff ovate or ovate pityriasis Bacillus sp. and Candida, trichophyton. The mechanism is through the sterilization and bact..
Post Time:[2014-06-12 ]sunji&co.,ltd