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Rubber Materials
Product List

White Factice

CAS:40029990 Product spec:-
White Factice is vulcanized unsaturated vegetable or animal oil, used as a processing aid and property modifier in rubber. Cross-linking the fatty-acid chains with sulfur (brown factice) or S₂Cl₂ (whi..
Post Time:[2018-07-09 ]Organo Chemical Industries


CAS:75-05-8 Product spec:99.95Min
Acetonitrile is a colorless; transparent liquid. It could be as raw matterial of medicine,agricultural chemical,solvent for analysis and plastic industry,it alsocould be as solvent of synthetic fiber ..
Post Time:[2017-11-16 ]Henan Haofei Chemical Co.,Ltd

chlorinated paraffin 70%

CAS:63449-39-8 Product spec:CP70%
Chlorinated paraffin 70% is white or light yellow resin-type solid. Average molecular formula is C25H30Cl22, average molecular weight is 1060-1100. CAS No.: 63449-39-8. It is excellent additive type f..
Post Time:[2017-07-06 ]QingDao Collect Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Triallyl Cyanurate

CAS:101-37-1 Product spec:1ton
Product name: Triallyl Cyanurate CAS NO. : 101-37-1 English name: Triallyl Cyanurate Molecular formula: C 12 H 15 N 3 O 3 Appearance: white solid or liquid Purity: 99.0% min Moisture: 0.4%..
Post Time:[2017-05-26 ]Dalian Trico Chemical Co.,Ltd.

carbon black N330

CAS:1333-86-4 Product spec:National Standard
Also Called:High abrasion furnace black Physical and Chemical properties:N330 is the most widely used HAF,the abrasion is 82gkg,DBP abrasion is 102CM3100g.The abrasion is a little worse than intermed..
Post Time:[2016-05-23 ]Dong Ying Zhi Shi Chemicals cO.,lTD.

Natural Rubber

CAS:9006-04-6. Product spec:SIR10, SIR20, RSS, Latex.
Dear SirMadam, (HS 400121) We would like to offer: Natural Rubber. Consist of: SIR (Standard Indonesian Rubber)10 (field coagulum), SIR20, RSS (Rubber Smoke Sheet) and Latex. Packing in bales (nett. ..
Post Time:[2016-04-06 ]CV. Starindo Gemilang

(EP) Canvas Conveyor Belt

CAS: Product spec:Has good elasticity, impact resistance
Specifications 1. Has good elasticity, impact resistance 2. High adhesion strength, flex stiffness, excellent troughabiity; 3. Compared with nylon canvas (NN), dimensional stability and thermal s..
Post Time:[2016-03-28 ]ShanXi NaiTe Adhesive Tape Co.Ltd

carbon black N375

CAS:1333-86-4 Product spec:National Standard
Also called:High abrasion furnace black-high structure Physical and Chemical properties:This product is another kind of new technology High abrasion furnace black-high ,is structure is a little lower..
Post Time:[2016-03-21 ]Dong Ying Zhi Shi Chemicals cO.,lTD.

platinum catalyst

CAS:68478-92-2 Product spec:platinum curing agent for silicone rubber
Platinum catalyst for addition curing of food grade or medical grade HTV silicone rubber.
Post Time:[2016-03-02 ]Zijun Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

carbon black N234

CAS:1333-86-4 Product spec:National Standard
Also Called:Intermediate super abrasion furnace black-high structure(New technology); Physical and Chemical properties:This product has high structure and it is one of the most best in reinforcing an..
Post Time:[2016-02-23 ]Dong Ying Zhi Shi Chemicals cO.,lTD.
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