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Herbal Plant Extract
Product List

Gold Theragran P.E.

CAS:15588-68-8 Product spec:003
Latin name Gynostemma pentaphyllum Extraction sources Hyacinth plant for the entire grass gypenosides Active components Unit-cutter saponins aypenoside Specifications 40% ,80%,98%UV ..
Post Time:[2014-09-17 ]shifang plant matericals co;ltd

Astragalus Extract

CAS:9005-38-3 Product spec:005
Astragalus Extract ART USED Root SPECIFICATION Astragalosides 0.15% HPLC Polysaccharide, 50% ,70% UV CAS No 84687-43-4 MOLECULAR FORMULA C41H68O14 MOLECULAR WEIGHT 7..
Post Time:[2014-09-17 ]shifang plant matericals co;ltd

Wolfberry Extract

CAS:107-43-7 Product spec:006
Wolfberry Extract Latine Name Lycium barbarum L. Appearance brown powder Active ingredients Lycium barbarum Polysaccharides Detection Mothed UV Specfication 50% Polysaccharides Details ..
Post Time:[2014-09-17 ]shifang plant matericals co;ltd


CAS:10097-84-4 Product spec:007
Tetrahyalmatine Appearance Yellowish white crystal Plant Part Used Root Specifications 95%,98%tetrahyalmatine (UV) Actions 1) It has effect of promoting blood circulation to remove blo..
Post Time:[2014-09-17 ]shifang plant matericals co;ltd


CAS:153-18-4 Product spec:008
Rutin Botanical Source Scphora japonica L Appearance Light yellow crystalline powder Assay 95% UV Action and Uses Rutin is a Bioflavonoid. It can enhances the absorption of Vitamin C, helps ..
Post Time:[2014-09-17 ]shifang plant matericals co;ltd

Berberine Chloride

CAS:633-65-8 Product spec:009
Berberine Chloride Appearance golden yellow Active ingredient Berberine Hydrochloride 97% Molecular Formula C20H18NO4.Cl Molecular Weight 371.82 CAS Registry Number 633-65-..
Post Time:[2014-09-17 ]shifang plant matericals co;ltd

Forsythia Fructus Extract

CAS: Product spec:007
Forsythia Fructus Extract Specification Phillyrin1.5%,2.0% Detection method HPLC About Forsythia Fructus Extract: Forsythia fructus Inhibits the Mast-Cell-Mediated Allergic Inflammatory..
Post Time:[2014-09-17 ]shifang plant matericals co;ltd

Green Tea P.E. Tea Polyphenols

CAS:84650-60-2 Product spec:004
Green Tea P.E. tea extracts of different applications and process the special specifications of tea extracts which customers are required. Specification Polyphenols 20%-98%, Catechins 30%-98..
Post Time:[2014-09-17 ]shifang plant matericals co;ltd


CAS:63968-64-9 Product spec:99% and other specification
We have our own manufacture and can send you the best price and products.Also we can offer several specifications of products. Artemisinin, extracted from artemisia annua extract, has been used for m..


CAS:54115 Product spec:99.9% nicotine
Product Name: Nicotine CAS No: 54-11-5 Extract Region: Tobacco Leaf Analysis: Nicotine Titrimetric Method (EP6.0) ---HPLC Appearance: Colorless or slight yellow transparent oily liquid Curren..
Post Time:[2014-08-29 ]XIAN MUREN CHEM