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Pharmaceutical Chemicals
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CAS:10083-24-6 Product spec:95%-99%
PRODUCT NAME:Piceatannol CAS NO: 10083-24-6 Molecular Formular: C14H1204 Molecular weight: 244.24 Appearance: like white crystal powder Purity: 95%-99% Storage: 2-8℃
Post Time:[2020-12-23 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd

Potassium tert-butoxide

CAS:865-47-4 Product spec:99%min
product name:POTASSIUM T-BUTOXIDE product alias:KTB;Potassium tert-butanolate Molecular formula:C4H9KO Molecular weight:112.21 CAS No:865-47-4 Structure drawing: dangerous mark:F,C Safety term:..
Post Time:[2020-12-23 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd


CAS:700-58-3 Product spec:99%min
2-adamantanone Alternative name: adamantanone Cas No.:700-58-3 Purity: 99%min Appearance: white crystal powder Molecular formula: C10H14O Molecular weight: 150.22 Package:25kgdrum Uses: Synthe..
Post Time:[2020-12-23 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd


CAS:702-98-7 Product spec:99%min
2-methyl-2-adamantanol Cas no.: 702-98-7 Purity: 99%min Appearance: white crystal powder Molecular formula: C11H18O Molecular weight:166.2626 Package:25kgsdrum
Post Time:[2020-12-23 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd


CAS:14648-57-8 Product spec:99%min
2-ethyl-2-adamantanol Cas No.:14648-57-8 Purity:99%min Appearance: white crystal powder Molecular formula: C12H20O Molecular weight: 180.29 Uses: Synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates photos..
Post Time:[2020-12-23 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd

3,3-dimethylbutyl chloride

CAS:7065-46-5 Product spec:98.5%min
3,3-dimethylbutyl chloride Alternative name: tert-Butylacetyl chlorideTBAC Butylacetylchloride Cas no.:7065-46-5 Purity: 98.5%min Appearance: colorless liquid Molecular formula: C6H11ClO Molecul..
Post Time:[2020-12-23 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd

3,3-Dimethylbutyric acid

CAS:1070-83-3 Product spec:98%min
3,3-Dimethylbutyric acid Alternative name: tert-Butylacetic acid Cas No.:1070-83-3 Purity:98%min B.P: 185-190 °C(lit.) M.P: −11 °C(lit.) Flash Point:89 °C Appearance:Colorless liquid Molecular..
Post Time:[2020-12-23 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd


CAS:700-57-2 Product spec:99%min
2-Adamantanol Alternative name: 2-Hydroxyadamantane; Adamantan-2-ol; Tricyclo[,7)]decan-2-ol; Cas no.:700-57-2 Purity:99%min M.P: 258-262 °C(lit.) M.P:255.2°C at 760 mmHg Flash Point:..
Post Time:[2020-12-23 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd

Triphenylmethyl Chloride

CAS:76-83-5 Product spec:99%min
Alternative name: TriphenylchloromethaneTrityl chlorideTrt-Cl Cas no.:76-83-5 Purity:99%min Appearance: white crystal powder Molecular formula: C19H15Cl Molecular weight: 278.78 M.P.: 110-113cen..
Post Time:[2020-12-23 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd

1, 3-Dihydroxyadamantane

CAS:5001-18-3 Product spec:99%
Product Name: 1, 3-Dihydroxyadamantane Cas No.: 5001-18-3 Appearance: white cystal Assay: 98% Molecular Fomular: C10H16O2 Molecular Weight: 168.23 Melting Point: 255-265 ºC
Post Time:[2020-12-23 ]Jinxiang chemical(danyang)co,ltd
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