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504-5 Special Sand Blasting Adhesive

CAS: Product spec:20 L
504-5 is a formulated one-component or double component polyurethane adhesive for metal sheet lamination.

504-6 formulated adhesive for PI sheet lamination

CAS: Product spec:20 L
504-6 is a formulated double component polyurethane adhesive for PI (polymide) sheet lamination.

509-P3 one-component adhesive

CAS: Product spec:20 L
509-P3 adhesive,a kind of single-component wet-solidifying polyurethane adhesive with more urethano included in longer molecular chain,can cure itself when it gets in touch with water in the air.

BO-A One-component Laminating Adhesive (PMMA/PVC Color Film)

CAS: Product spec:20 L
BO-A is a one-component environmental laminating adhesive for bonding (wet-base) between Plexiglas sheet (PMMA) and PVC color film. Compound product bonded by the adhesive is characterized by high tr..

PNS-75 sand-blasting adhesive

CAS: Product spec:20 L
PNS-75 is a one-component or double-component adhesive for sand blasting.It processes high adhesion and moisture resistance.It is mainly applied to adhesion between paper and cloth.The best choice to ..

Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil IOTA250-30

CAS: Product spec:500kg
Features: Good resistance to high temperature Low viscosity Low freezing point Low coefficient of expansion Excellent electrical performance Technical Index: Appearance: Colorless transparent o..
Post Time:[2016-06-12 ]Iota silicone oil (Anhui) Co.Ltd

IOTA208 methyl phenyl vinyl silicone resin

CAS: Product spec:500kg
Product Deion: Methyl phenyl vinyl resin is made by hydrolysis balance of composed of TEOS with hexamethyldisilazane ether, divinyl tetramethyldisiloxane silyl ether, phenyl silane. Mainly for the pr..
Post Time:[2016-05-30 ]Iota silicone oil (Anhui) Co.Ltd

Steel Stamping Parts

CAS:569874 Product spec:Steel Stamping Parts
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: chuanghe Model Number: CH-Stamping parts-008 Quality Certificate: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 Equipment: Hardness test, torque test Paymen..
Post Time:[2016-03-28 ]Chuanghe Fastener Co.,Ltd

Phenyl methyl hydrogen silicone resin IOTA207

CAS: Product spec:500kg
Technical Specifications: 1. Appearance: colorless transparent liquid. 2. Viscosity :( 25 ℃ mm2 s) 200 ~ 3000 3. Refractive index (25 ℃): 1.49 ~ 1.53 The hydrogen content (%, m m) ≥: 0.3-0.5 5...
Post Time:[2016-03-28 ]Iota silicone oil (Anhui) Co.Ltd

Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil IOTA255

CAS:63148-58-3 Product spec:500kg
Deion Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil IOTA255 is colorless transparent liquid. Compared with Dimethyl silicone oil, it has better performance in high and low temperatures (-70 ~ 300°C ), and better proper..
Post Time:[2016-03-28 ]Iota silicone oil (Anhui) Co.Ltd
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