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Feed additives
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Monocalcium Phosphate powder

CAS:7758-23-8 Product spec:MCP powder 22%min
FANO brandMonocalcium Phosphate (MCP) is white crystal powder. Easily soluble in hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, soluble in cool water, almost insoluble in alcohol. It loses crystal water at 109℃ a..
Post Time:[2014-02-10 ]Fano Group Limited

monodicalcium phosphate

CAS:7758-23-8 Product spec:MDCP 21%min
FANO brandMonodicalcium Phosphate (MDCP), After drying with loose white powdery crystals or granules. Neutral products,can be solubled in acid, 85% soluble in water, when heating to about 90℃ it will ..
Post Time:[2014-02-10 ]Fano Group Limited

sodium bicarbonate feed grade

CAS: Product spec:sodium bicarbonate feed grade
Items Index Feed Grade NaHCO3: 99~100.5% Arsenic(As): 0.0001%Max Heavy Metals(As Pb): 0.0005%Max Loss on drying 0.2%Max Ph: 8.6Max Clarity Pass Ammoni..
Post Time:[2014-02-10 ]Fano Group Limited


CAS:91-53-2 Product spec:95% oil; 66% powder
Commercial Name: CP-F001 Chemical Name: 6-ethoxy-2,2,4-trimethyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline CAS No.: 91-53-2 Molecular Formula: C14H19NO Specification: Item Standard Appearance Yellow to brown, fr..
Post Time:[2013-12-04 ]Chempioneer Limited

ammonium chloride feed grade

CAS: Product spec:ammonium chloride feed grade
Our company is a professional largest manufacturers of Ammonium chloride medicine grade, food grade, feed grade and industry grade in China. The appearance of the products: Colorless crystal or wh..

sodium bicarbonate

CAS:144-55-8 Product spec:20-120mesh
(1) the coarse particles. The company large particles sodium bicarbonate can reach to 20 mesh. (2) strong activity. This company produces the sodium bicarbonate, is a highly active sodium bicarbonate..
Post Time:[2012-12-27 ]hengyang yuhua imp&exp co.,ltd

dicalcium phosphate granular

CAS:7789-77-7 Product spec:dicalcium phosphate 18% granular Feed Grade
Dicalcium phosphate is white crystal powder or granular form, tasteless, odorless. Apparent density 800-1100kgm3 soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute nitric acid and acetic acid. Feed grade 18%..
Post Time:[2012-12-27 ]Fano Group Limited

Choline Chloride

CAS:67-48-1 Product spec:Choline Chloride 60%
Choline chloride60% corn cob base is obtained by spraying and thoroughly mixing choline chloride liquid on a selected corn cob meal and then drying to a lower moisture content. 【Specification】 ..
Post Time:[2012-12-27 ]Fano Group Limited


CAS:8067-69-4 Product spec:min 60%
PARAMETER STANDARD RESULTS 1. Appearance A greenish to greenish-gray voluminous Powder with adour of cresol 2. Solubility Soluble in 96% ethanol or 50 parts of Chloroform. 3. Identification Ferr..
Post Time:[2012-12-11 ]Omkrown Pharmachem Pvt Ltd

Ferrous carbonate

CAS:563-71-3 Product spec:98
1.Feedfertilzier iron carbonate 2.Iron content 38%-40% 3.Appearance:pale brown 4.Formula: FeCO3 4.Factory price 5.Supply ability:10000mtyear 6.Shelf life:1year 7.25kg double layer woven bag for standa..
Post Time:[2012-12-11 ]changsha weichuang chemical co.,ltd
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