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3M stone protective agent resistant to contamination coating SRC

CAS: Product spec:98%
Description: 3M ™ fights pollution coating and additives SRC - 220 is a kind of containing fluorine polymer solution, usable or water-soluble solvent for dilution (such as ethanol, ketones, glycol ..
Post Time:[2010-11-19 ]Shanghai xianglan chemical Co., LTD.

Watts grams of organic silicon defoaming agent SD670

CAS: Product spec:98%
Product name: silicone defoaming agent S670 Since the emulsification defoaming agent mainly contain organic functional silicon oil, so it with organic system has good compatibility. S670 is not an aq..
Post Time:[2010-11-19 ]Shanghai xianglan chemical Co., LTD.

Maleic anhydride

CAS:108-31-6 Product spec:99.5% briquette
Maleic Anhydride (cis-Butenedoic Anhydride) Molecule Formula: C4H2O3 CAS No.: 108-31-6 UN No.: 2215
Post Time:[2010-10-19 ]Henan Harvest Chem Co., Ltd

propylene glycol

CAS:57-55-6 Product spec:99.5%
Production name: Propylene Glycol (PG) Tech grade, USP Molecular formula: C3H8O2 CAS No.: 57-55-6
Post Time:[2010-10-19 ]Henan Harvest Chem Co., Ltd

Talcum powder

CAS:14807-96-6 Product spec:98%
Talc Applications: Paper with talcum powder, paint, talcum powder, talcum powder for plastics, cable with talcum powder, talc ceramics, rubber with talcum powder, cosmetics, waste water treatment Our..
Post Time:[2010-09-30 ]Huayui light-burned magnesium plant

nitrocellulose solution

CAS:9004-70-0 Product spec:L type and H type
The greatest advantage of our NTROCELLULOSE SOLUTION is: it is limpid and will not corrode the iron-made vessel. Therefore, it possesses the characteristic of stability, effectiveness and safety. We c..

nitrocellulose chips plasticized DBP, DOP, DINP, ATBC...

CAS:9004-70-0 Product spec:small flacks plasticized DBP, DOP, DINP,ATBC, ESBO, ATEC...
Type: Varnish chips and all kinds of color chips. Specification: Varnish chips is white flake, other chips can be customized according to customer’s requirments. plasticizer: DBP, DOP, DINP, ATBC.....

nitrocellulose cotton wetted in EA or IPA

CAS:90004-70-0 Product spec:NC damped with IPA, EA, NBA, water
Nitrocellulose cotton is made from the technics which refined cotton and nitric acid ,vitriol that through esterification and stable process etc. Molecular formula:- [C6H7O2(OH)3-r (ONO2)r]n- Nit..

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

CAS: Product spec:99%
Reverse Osmosis Chemicals Our range of premium quality chemicals that has been carefully made for wide use of operational and scientific research activities. Each of the chemicals is developed to a..
Post Time:[2010-08-18 ]Zion Enviro Systems Private Limited

Effluent Treatment Chemicals

CAS: Product spec:99%
Effluent Treatment Chemicals We offer superior quality chemicals used for effluent treatments. These are used for purifying used water. Our assortment of chemicals used standard effluent treatment ..
Post Time:[2010-08-18 ]Zion Enviro Systems Private Limited
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