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Emulsifying Agent C

CAS: Product spec:enterprise standard
Yellow to brown yellow
Post Time:[2012-08-22 ]Golden Harvest chemical Co.,LTD


CAS: Product spec:98%
Product Name: Atrazine Chemical Name: 6-chloro-N2-ethyl-N4-isopropyl-1,3,5-triazine-2,4-diamine Formula: C8H14CIN5 Formula Weight: 1912-24-9 CAS NO: 1912-24-9 Appearance: White crystalline soli..
Post Time:[2012-07-17 ]Shanghai Skyblue Chemical Co Ltd


CAS:105512-06-9 Product spec:97%
used for Post-emergence control of annual grasses, including Avena, Lolium, Setaria, Phalaris and Alopecurus, in cereals.
Post Time:[2011-07-15 ]Tide Group


CAS:126801-58-9 Product spec:97%
Under development for broad-leaved and sedge weed control in cereals, rice and sugar cane, at 10-120 gha.
Post Time:[2011-07-15 ]Tide Group


CAS:117337-19-6 Product spec:95%TC, 5%EC
Name Fluthiacet-methyl Alias Molecular C15H15ClFN3O3S2 CAS No. 117337-19-6 H.S. No. Synonyms Herbicides Specification 95%TC, 5%EC Package Level of Dangerous Goods WHO (a.i.) U
Post Time:[2011-07-14 ]SINOCHEM Shanghai Co., Ltd.


CAS:64249-01-0 Product spec:90%TC,30%EC
Name Anilofos Alias Molecular C13H19ClNO3PS2 CAS No. 64249-01-0 H.S. No. Synonyms Herbicides Specification 90%TC,30%EC Package Level of Dangerous Goods China (TC) Low ; WHO (a.i.) Ⅱ Tradema..
Post Time:[2011-07-14 ]SINOCHEM Shanghai Co., Ltd.


CAS:709-98-8 Product spec:98% TC
Selective contact herbicide with a short duration of activity. Used post-emergence in rice to control broad-leaved and grass weeds, including Amaranthus retroflexus, Digitaria spp., Echinochloa spp., ..
Post Time:[2011-07-11 ]King Quenson Industry Group Ltd


CAS:84087-01-4 Product spec:≥80%, ≥95%
Common name: Quinclorac Chemical name: 7-dichloro-8-quinolinecarboxylic acid Cas NO.: 84087-01-4 Molecular formula: C10H5Cl2NO2 Molecular weight: 242.06 Structure formula:..
Post Time:[2011-07-08 ]Yancheng Wanxiang Chemical Co., Ltd.


CAS:21725-46-2 Product spec:99%
Product Name: Bladex Synonyms: cyanazine; 2-[[4-Chloro-6-(ethylamino)-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl]amino]-2-methylpropanenitrile; 2-Chloro-4-((1-cyano-1-methylethyl)amino)-6-(ethylamino)-s-triazine Cas No..
Post Time:[2011-07-05 ]Zibo Towin Chemical Co., Ltd.


CAS:100646-51-3 Product spec:99%
CAS No: 100646-51-3 Formula Weight: 372.8. Toxicity: Acute oral LD50 to rats 1500mgkg Uses: Selective herbicides
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