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Agrochemical Intermediates
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Potassium monopersulfate

CAS: Product spec:Active Compoment (KHSO5),% ≥42.8
Product Introduction Potassium Monopersulfate compound is a free flowing, white granular, and soluble in water (20℃, 256 gL). The composition of Potassium Monopersulfate compound includes Potassium h..
Post Time:[2017-07-19 ]Hebei Natai Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd


CAS:57650-78-9 Product spec:1ton
Product name: 1-(4-Phenoxyphenoxy)-2-propanol CAS no. : 57650-78-9 English name: 1 - (4 - Phenoxyphenoxy) - 2 - propanol Molecular formula: C 15 H 16 O 3 Appearance: white crystals Purity : 97..
Post Time:[2017-06-01 ]Dalian Trico Chemical Co.,Ltd.

a, a - Dimethylbenzenemethanamine

CAS:585-32-0 Product spec:1ton
Product name: a, a - Dimethylbenzenemethanamine CAS no. : 585-32-0 English name: a, a - Dimethylbenzenemethanamine Molecular Formula: C 9 H 13 N Appearance: colourless liquid Purity : 87% min..
Post Time:[2017-05-26 ]Dalian Trico Chemical Co.,Ltd.

4 - cyanophenol

CAS:767-00-0 Product spec:1ton
Product name: 4 - cyanophenol CAS no. : 767-00-0 English name: 4 - cyanophenol Molecular formula: C 7 H 5 NO Purity : 99.0% min Moisture: 0.2% Max Iron: 0.4 PPM Max Chlorine: 2 PPM Max ..
Post Time:[2017-05-26 ]Dalian Trico Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate

CAS: Product spec:98
1, The Component and action Composed of sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate 98%, sodium ortho-nitrophenolate 98% and sodium PARA-nitrophenolate 98% as the ratio 1: 2: 3, Sodium nitrophenolate 98% is a kind of..
Post Time:[2017-03-13 ]yunnan litto chemicals corporation

Indolebutyric Acid

CAS:133-32-4 Product spec:99
Product name: 3-Indolebutyric acid CAS: 133-32-4 MF: C12H13NO2 It is a broad-spectrum endogenesis plant growth regulator. It can stimulate rooting system of plant's and cuttings' (herbaceous and..
Post Time:[2017-02-24 ]yunnan litto chemicals corporation

3-Indoleacetic Acid

CAS:87-51-4 Product spec:99
Product name: Indole Acetic Acid (IAA) Usage IAA is stimulate rooting of cuttings and increase fruit set, IAA is a kind of indole broad-spectrum plant growth regulator with somatotropin activity. ..
Post Time:[2017-02-24 ]yunnan litto chemicals corporation


CAS: Product spec:95
Physical and chemical properties: Tech. Grade is a thick liquid or semisolid with yellow-brown colour, the special gravity is 1.24 (20ºC), Flash point is 80 ºC, hardly soluble in water, easily sol..
Post Time:[2017-02-24 ]yunnan litto chemicals corporation

Mono isopropyl amine

CAS:75-31-0 Product spec:purity 99.5% Min.
Property Specification Results Monoisopropylamine, wt% 99.5Min 99.9 Ammonia, wt% 0.1Max ND Diisopropylamine, wt% ..
Post Time:[2016-07-14 ]Taizhou Jianye Chemical Co., Ltd.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Rod

CAS: Product spec:Tungsten Heavy Alloy Rod
Specification:Φ(10-100)mm×L mm Chemical Component: W:90-95%;Ni:3.5-7%; Fe:1.5-3% Density:≥17.5-18.1 gcm3 Tensile Strength:780-980MPa; Elongation:5-22% HRC:28-33 Tolerance: Diameter: ±(0.1-0.3)..
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