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Agrochemical Intermediates
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Abamectin 18g/L EC

CAS: Product spec:Abamectin 18g/L EC
Sales.rosy[at]hotmail[dot]com Specifications , Abamectin 1.8%EW Abamectin 18gL EC 92%Abamectin TC Abamectin 5.0% EC Abamectin APPLICATIONS Mode of action Insecticide and acaricide with co..

Abamectin Ec 1.8%

CAS: Product spec:Abamectin Ec 1.8%
Sales.rosy[at]hotmail[dot]com Specifications , Abamectin 1.8% ec Kill pest Agrochemical biocide insecticide pesticide acaricide miticide Abamectin avermectin 95% tc Common name: Abame..

Abamectin 1.8 EC

CAS: Product spec:Abamectin 1.8 EC
Abamectin 1.8 EC CAS No., 71751-41-2 Appearance: Dark brown homogeneous liquid, B1 Content(WV: ≥1.8% Water (%): ≤ 0.6% PH Value: 4.5-7.0 Density(20°C): 1.00gcm3 Viscosity(m.Pa.s): 620 Emulsion..

Emamectin Benzoate TC 70%

CAS: Product spec:Emamectin Benzoate TC 70%
Sales.rosy[at]hotmail[dot]com Emamectin Benzoate TC 70% CAS No.: 137512-74-4,, Appearance: White powder Formulation: 70%TC & 90% 93%TC Acetone insoluble: 4.0 Water: 2.0 Specification: Non-sys..

Abamectin B2

CAS:71751-41-2 Product spec:Abamectin B2
Abamectin B2 Sales.rosy[at]hotmail[dot]com Abamectin B2, CAS No.: 71751-41-2 Appearance: white crystal powder , drying shrinkage (%): 14.59 Acetone insolubles : 0.01 PH : 6.28 Bla (%..

insecticide , agrochemical emamectin benzoate

CAS:155569-91-8 Product spec:biochemicals , pest control products
Sales.rosy[at]hotmail[dot]com Emamctin benzoate 2.0% EC CAS NO.: 155569-91-8 Appearance:Pale yellow liquid, Identity: HPLC PH:4.5-7.0 Water Content:≤ 0.5% Emulsion Stability(Dilutes..


CAS:10061-02-6 Product spec:99%
Name: TRANS-1,3-Dichloropropene1,3-Dichloro-1-propene; E-1,3-Dichloropropene CAS No.: 10061-02-6 Synonyms: (E)-1,3-Dichloroprop-1-ene;1,3-dichloro-1-propene1,3-dichloro-2-propene1,3-dichloropene1,..


CAS:83-42-1 Product spec:99.5% min
almost wihte crystal solid or sligt yellow liquid
Post Time:[2013-06-07 ]Yancheng Shihong Chemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:87-60-5 Product spec:99.5% min
Slight brown liquid
Post Time:[2013-06-07 ]Yancheng Shihong Chemical Co.,Ltd.


CAS:1194-65-6 Product spec:99.5% mi
Almost white crystal
Post Time:[2013-06-07 ]Yancheng Shihong Chemical Co.,Ltd.