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Equipment List

Curing Chamber

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1.Advanced design 2.Easy handing and energy-saving 3.Automatica, Efficient

Rubber continuous extruding and vulcanizing machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The equipment is used for the extruder and vulcanization of rubber insulation and outer sheel in wire & cable industry.

Liquid silicon rubber machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1、Medical instruments,baby products. 2、Sanitary wares,kitchen accessories. 3、Sports products,tool sets. 4、Different pushing parts,sealing parts,etc.
Post Time:[2011-04-12 ]Ningbo Xinrui Machinery Co., Ltd.

Rubber injection molding machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1. Natural rubber synthetic rubber, oil-proof & heat-pro0f rubber and reclaimed rubber products. 2. Automobile, electronic components, diving items, oil seal, sport goods, and other produts.
Post Time:[2011-04-06 ]Qingdao Toplit Industry Co., Ltd.

Jaw Pre-vunlcanizing Press for Tread Rubber

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1.2 dual-action cylinders for fast mold openclose; 2.Provided with mass flow prefill valve; 3.Automatic mold forwardbackward; 4.PLC-controlled; 5.Unit surface pressure no less than 45kgcm2..

Engineering rubber vulcanizer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1、Total Pressure(MN):6.00MN 2、plate size(mm):2300*2300*60 3、Plate pressure:113.kgcm2 4、Plate clearance:500mm 5、piston diameter:¢340mm 6、piston stroke :500mm 7、The number of hydraulic cylinder:4 ..

Automatic rubber vulcanizer

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
It has automatic mandatory open mold, the vice-cylinder features such as auto-top pieces. At Electrical appliances can be done automatically under the control of mold, curing time, the mold, the top ..

Rubber Soles Making Vulcanizing Press

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Machine with automatic mold mandatory, automatic launch of mold and other functions, the PC can be done automatically under the control of mold, curing time, discharge time and frequency settings, mol..

Steel Wire Rubber Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Line

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
It is suitable for vulcanizing general rubber conveyor belt ,nylon conveyor belt,PVG conveyor belt,steel wire conveyor bet and a series of rubber belt .The main unit is frame type,the hot plates and p..

Vertical Four-point Welding Machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
This machine is made up of four heads, fixed pole, active pole, machine frame, electricity control box, etc. The machine head is made up of location heating mechanism, horizontal pressing mechanism a..
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