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Equipment List

Open mixing mill

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The open mills manufactured by our company have the models XK-160-XK-550(560),and we also manufacture refiner and gel breaker;classified by the perspectives of product standard and technical progress,..

Gantry Rubber Cutting Machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The machine is mainly used to cut the waste paper and plastics mixed with iron,lead,copper and other metal materials into small sections so as to achieve the purpose of classiflcation and recovery.

Cutting machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Shaped plasric tube extruding unit is fitted with differentsized moulds,and used turn out building drainage shaped pipes,wire tube and various specialshaped tubes in succestion.

General Slab Cutter

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
General Slab Cutter Machine cuts rubber block by the rotating cutters and moving cutters which bring worktable to do the reciprocate work. The machine has a turntable way to cut rubber (Including natu..

Rubber Extruder

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Moving Sword which is installed in the principal axis and fixed Sword which is installed that work with the relative motion so that it breaks and crushes rubber block. Processing work will bring out h..

A Model EPS Block Cutting Machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1.The main frame of the machine is welded from square profile steel, with strong structure, high strength and no deformation; 2. The machine has horizontal, vertical and cross cutting devices, and ca..
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Carbon Brush Cutting Machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Applicable industries: copper, iron and rare earth magnetic materials, iron oxide, ceramics, carbon, stainless steel, tungsten carbide powder, high-tech electronics and special precision part manufact..

Cross Cutting Machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
This machine is suitable for material in roll to lengthwise and transverse cutting. For example: Golden and silver paperboard, plain rainbow paper, place able laser bogus-prevented paper, white cardbo..

Water ring die face cutter

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Water ring die face cutter system is applicable for most kinds of thermoplastic products with or without filling.As a water ring is formed outstide the die set plate,the die set plate does not contact..

Four-Roll Calender Machine

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Rubberizing and frictioning of textile material,rubberizing of wirecord fabric,sheet and counter plate(embossed) of rubber material,separation of fabric and film,as well as jonit of multi-layer lamina..
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