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Seal Components
Equipment List

Compact Flange

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The compact flanges are produced as per Norsok L005, the new design products whose weight are 70%-80% lighter than that of same size and same pressure rating flanges as per traditional ASME standard.
Post Time:[2010-07-19 ]Roc-Master Flange Co., Ltd.


Unit Type: Equipment spec:
EATON Engineers started with a simple premise: fewer parts means fewer problems. The RPA design features a positive-sealing integral gasket that is built into the top of the filter bag and snaps aroun..
Post Time:[2010-07-01 ]Schmidt Haensch GmbH & Co.

Copper Connector (C-1)

Unit Type:(C-1) Equipment spec:
Copper Connector 160g

Seal Rings - Silicon Carbide

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Technical data of reaction bonded silicon carbide(RB SIC): 1. Content of free silicon: Less than 10% 2. Density (gcm3): 3.05 3. Tensile strength (MPa): 28 4. Bending strength (MPa): 45..
Post Time:[2010-06-09 ]Junty Industries, Ltd.

Mechanical Seal-Elastomer Bellows Seals

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
We offer many kinds of Elastomer Bellows Seals in both metric sizes and inch sizes, according to several international standards.
Post Time:[2010-06-09 ]Junty Industries, Ltd.

Mechanical Seals - Other Component Seals

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
We also offer many other component seals in addition to the ones described here, moreover, we make customized seals according to your specific demand.
Post Time:[2010-06-09 ]Junty Industries, Ltd.
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