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Equipment List

Single shaft shredder

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
To protect environment and suit for different output requirement, Longree produce LRSSQ shredmaster . This kind of shredmaster is solid and has long using time. It is suittable for crushing wood,dif..


Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1. Low power consumption,high output 2. simple structure and easy installation 3. millstone gap power and the fixed knife,particular from a regulation (three minute to complete),new type of simple,e..

Rubber Grinder

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
This machine by two host smash, matching wind duct, whirlwind separator, electric cabinet and water cooling system four major components. The host is composed by machine stand, main motor, stepless va..

Powerful Plastic Crusher

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1. The special cutter is made of import-high-quality tool steel which is special durable. The adjustable installation of cutter makes the cutter can be used again and again, extends the usage li..

Plastic Crusher

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Horizontal Plastic Breaking is mainly used for breaking relatively long PVC special shaped shaped material,such as plastic door window,plastic pipe,sheet,etc.There is no need cut.Once continuous feed..
Post Time:[2011-03-29 ]Zhangjiagang Jingma Machinery Factory

Sound Proof Crusher

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
The knife tool is refines with imported special tool-steel,the clearance between knife tools are adjustable,when it becomes blunt by using,it can be dismounted repeatedly,it is durable. Use high-int..
Post Time:[2011-03-25 ]Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Low noise flake crusher

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Flake cutter blade is in between claw and flat cutter blade. Suitable for recycle and restore of conventional sheets, tube plastics, profiles. Packing plastics, extrusion mould products & runners. ..
Post Time:[2011-03-24 ]Taizhou Xuantong Machine Co.,Ltd.

Plastic Grinder

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
We have in store for our clients, a wide range of scrap grinders that is available in various models like EP 400, EP 450, EP 500, EP 600 and EP 1000. These scrap grinders are known for their robust co..
Post Time:[2011-03-23 ]Europack Machines (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Soundproof Crusher

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
This series is to grind items into scraps or flakes. e.g. CD, syringes, PE pipes, PP flats, PET bottles, electronic wastes, IC trays, PCB and so on. It's suitable for plastic industry & electronic pro..
Post Time:[2011-03-18 ]Jachen Technology Co., Ltd.

Plastic crusher

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
As recycling equipment for waste plastics,the machine is suitable for crushing wastes of engineering plastics , defective products of injection and all kinds of soft and hand plastics and foam. Adopt..