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Equipment List

Spray dryer fluidized bed granulator

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Fluidized bed spray granulation drying fluidized bed dryer is an innovative application of technology, fluidized bed dryer is usually applicable to direct powder dry and granular solid materials, and ..
Post Time:[2010-12-22 ]shandong honordry co.,ltd

Kettle Re-boilers

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Kettle Re-boilers We offer Kettle Re-boilers that are acknowledged for their trouble free operations, speedy functioning and high durability. These boilers are applicable in the areas where the..
Post Time:[2010-12-21 ]Welkin Engineering Company

Graphite modified polypropylene series with the tube heat exchan

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
1 and in selecting graphite modified polypropylene change device, heat-exchange area generally take metal with the tube heat exchanger and 3 times, graphite column heat exchanger of 1.5 times. 2, ..

SPGH graphite modified PP tubular heat exchanger series

Unit Type:SPGH Equipment spec:
SPGH series graphite modified PP tubular heat exchangers are made of graphite modified PP (graphite assay is 40%(wt)). It is made in whole PP, so the Tube pass and Shell pass both can pass corrosive m..

9KW oil heater

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
9KW oil heater

LDJ series water heater

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
LDJ series water heater with heat transfer medium, in which water by protecting materials for stainless steel electric heating element, by hot water pump to compulsory liquid cycle of heating equipmen..

LDJ - 60Y - 2E explosion-proof oil heater

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
LDJ - 60Y - 2E explosion-proof oil heater Oil heater is as a heat transfer medium, ltd.suzhou adopts electric heating, through high temperature liquid circulation pump compulsory of high efficienc..

LDJR series - heat conduction oil heating furnace

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Heat conduction oil heating furnace is a light oil, heavy oil, combustible gas and electricity for fuel to heat conduction oil for circulation medium, through high temperature of heat conduction oil p..

Air dryer lh-zd - 8166C

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Air dryer lh-zd - 8166C has high accuracy, humidity can automatically control the characteristics, the customer may according to their own needs humidity set automatically, when humidity meet you requ..
Post Time:[2010-11-26 ]ZEDO

Electric Mini Boiler

Unit Type: Equipment spec:
Electric Mini Boiler ElectricGas operated Steam Generator Mini Boiler. MOC : Thick gauge mild steel plate. Fittings : Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve, Pressure Control Switch, Digit..
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