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Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

Trundean Machinery, leading manufacturer of roots blowers and pumps, specialized in manufacturing Roots Blower, Submersible Roots Blower, Magnetic Drive Pump, Vacuum Pump and Diffuser. Trundean Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. has built up his own brand name “TRUNDEAN” and developed it to overseas markets. Trundean Roots Blower, Pump and Diffuser have been marketed to more than 60 countries, and they earned highly praise from customers. Not only Trundean Machinery passed ISO 9001 in 2002, but also obtained CE certification in 2005. Trundean Machinery is committed to maintain product quality and innovation, production standardization, and strict inspection system, so that Trundean Roots Blower, Pump and Diffuser can meet customer''s requirement. We provide the best quality products and quick after-sale service. We are capable to make products according to customer’s special request. Custom-made order is welcome.


Foshan KAMUI Heat Exchanger Co.,Ltd.

Foshan-KAMUI Heat Exchanger Co.,LTD is joint venture corporation between KAMUI Company LTD (Japan)and Foshan Constant Hydraulic Machinery Co., LTD (China) .It was established in July 18th,1994 with a total investment of USD 4.6 million and registered capital of USD.2.5 million,covering and area of 25,000 square meters.specializing in water-cooled and air-cooled heat exchangers. It is an advanced high-tech corporation of Guangdong province and has acquired the qualification to make the pressure vessel(D2 class).It has built the production system strictly based on technology and production management pattern of KAMUI Japan,and has been granted ISO 9001 ver.2000.Various kinds of water-cooled and air-cooled heat exchangers are designed and produced by advanced technology and equipment both at home and abroad. The water-cooled type includes the SL,FC,BC and stainless steel standard series.Their special construction,high coefficient of heat,lower △p and better ability to resist pollution make it a admittedly famous brand name around the world. The air-cooled type includes F-AN,F-AN-E,F-AOA-A and F-ADC standard series.They are compact aluminium plate-fin heat exchangers with little noise and high heat exchangering efficiency.It is made by advanced technology of vacuum brazing.It is the new times product,which has been widely recognized by customers. Both of the water-cooled and air-cooled exchangers are widely used in plastic machinery,construction machinery,power machinery(compressor),generator equipment hydraulic station, and other fields such as petroleum chemical industry,metallurgy extile,duty vehicles,air conditioning and air separation equipment, nuclear devices.etc. Our products are not only widely sold throughout the whole country,but also exported to Japan,Singapore.India and Hongkong,Taiwan districts. The air cooled ones can be sold to you in various flexible forms (as required):①only core;②monomial heat exchanger;③overall unit(include heat exchanger,fan,motor,cover shell):④mini hydraulic station It is up to your selection. Welcome to select our standard products,at the same time,we are pleased to design non-standard ones according to your special data and provide you with our superior performance and reliable quality.


Foshan Yunsheng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Having entered the 21st century, the health care industry is facing a wide variety of issues arising from an increasingly globalized, information-oriented and aging society. To address these issues, the YUNSHENG Group has maintained fast growing tendency. As manufacturer, our company is in continuous evolution. We enlarged the capacity of factory day by day. Our products are easy and simple to handle, selling well all over the world. As a group of specialized companies, YUNSHENG Corporation will also continue to focus on providing an improved dental health environment for the customers through a close partnership with dental schools and laboratories across the globe and by direct collaboration with clinical dentists. Because of the rapid development of our business in Europe, we set up a branch in UK and Ireland to solve the Sales orders management and after sales service. We believe in long-term cooperation with you because we view the future as bright.


Shenzhen Jinhuali Refrigeration Plant Co.,Ltd.

JINHUALI GROUP CO., LTD. is a modern large enterprise, which specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling central air conditioners and energy-saving environmental equipments. Leading 6 branch companies are as follows: Shenzhen Jinhuali Refrigeration Plant Co., Ltd. is an exporter and sales department of central air conditioner series and refrigeration equipments series. Shenzhen Huabang Engineering Co., Ltd. is a design and installation department for the central air conditioner and refrigerating project. DongGuan Elegance Air Conditioner Co., Ltd. is specializing in designing and manufacturing package/ cabinet central air conditioners, water chillers, heat pump, equipments. DongGuan Junda Air Conditioner Co., Ltd. is specializing in developing and manufacturing energy-saving Fan coil unit, Air handing unit. Zheijiang Jinhuali Air Conditioner Cooling Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of condenser and evaporator, condensing unit and air cooler. Jiangsu Yongsheng Air Conditioner Co., Ltd. is a modern large enterprise, which integrates technology, industry and trade. HUALI Group is a professional enterprise that provides central A/C, refrigeration plant, electric equipment and electronics, as engineering design and installation service. It takes an area of over 100,000m²with an asset of more than 100 millions, specializing in manufacturing national defence equipments, that is military air conditioners, and marine or navy air conditioners. As an earnest enterprise of manufacturing marine air conditioners and refrigeration plant, it is also a hi-tech enterprise, provincial advanced management enterprise, provincial contract honoring enterprise, a key enterprise of machinery industry and a national torch project enterprise. Since HUALI Group developed the first packaged type air conditioner, Huali''s new products emerge quickly every year, impelling China marine air conditioner and refrigeration development to ride into world level. Huali develops three series of central air conditioner: marine use, land use special type use, including over 30 varieties, more than 100 types of air conditioners and refrigeration equipments. Main products include air-cooled chillers and heat pump unit, water-cooled chillers, packaged A/C, packaged refrigeration plant, thermostat and humidistat control unit, Air(water)-cooled condensing unit, cabinet A/C, purification type central A/C, fan coil, special type non-standard A/C. it forms a customer service line system of design, manufacture, installation to commissioning. "Advanced technology, top quality and considerate service" owns customers'' approval. Our products are widely applied to spaceflight, sailing, offshore oil platform, medicine, electronics, chemical engineering, and catering industries etc., exporting to USA, Germany, Greece, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong and other countries and regions.


Showier Machinery (Shanghai) Factory

Showier Machinery (Shanghai) Factory is an international leading manufacturer of mining crushing machinery, sand processing and industrial milling equipment. Integrated with R&D,manufacturing,sales ans service, we devote ourselves in providing the best service and the most efficient equipment. With20 years of deveiopment, our products not only enjoy good reputation in domestic market, but also we supplied to many countries and regions: such as Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, Africa, North America. We pay high attention to the relationship with our customers and spare no effort to ensure their benefits. With the good reputation and high quality service, we have easrned many loyal customers and have been keeping good cooperation with them. Our excellent mechanical engineers have been devoting themselves in improving production line and deveioping new products. Our products are competitive in quality,easy to maintain,with a long-lasting working time. Showier equipment is now working steadily and efficiently all over the world. We have a great professional technical group and aftersales service group.They will not only help the customers to train operating staffs, but also can contract the complete production line. We persist to provide international first-class service to our customers.


Xinxiang Beifang Filters Co., Ltd.

Xinxiang Beifang Filters Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various filtration equipment, filters and filter cartridges. It is a high technology enterprise in China. Our main products:SYF series high-efficiency water-oil separation device;high accuracy water filters;prime-mid-high efficiency air filters and high eiificency air flow units(FFU) series,wound filters and large-flowing eliminntion filters,high-mid-low pressure hydraulic oil filters;high accuracy oil purifilters and oil filtration equipments ,filters and filtration equipments for chemical industry. Our company has advanced machines and 30pcs types of testing equipments.We have the advanced without clapboard air filters lines and built 500 square meters cleaning room for thousands grade filtration .And all of the air filters will be processed and assemble in the cleaning room .We will test each filter,which offers the high quality products for our clients. We would like to cooperate with clients both at home and abroad !And welcome to our company for supervising and visiting!


COOCA Environmental Techniques(Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.

Established in 2000, Cooca believes in customer-oriented philosophy, devoting herself to set up the marketing network for expert technical solutions of air- whose core contents include: professional and thorough consulting program, excellent and fainthful ratio of performance & price, and perfect and rompt whole-process service. The philosophy has been the basis of continuous increase of market-share. Being the most dynamic element in purification industry, Cooca actively takes part in the intense competition and stand on her own feet in the local & international market. Our possessed logo "cooca®" has been widely recognized in the past development course.


New Yee Tung Machinery Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

New Yee Tung Machinery Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is Yee Tong International Group in China''s headquarters. After just a few years of development, now Yee Tong Group''s business has been all over the world, such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific region and Southeast Asia. Yee Tong Group''s business are mainly three parts: industrial, engineering, trade and services. Industrial production of some of the major dry compressed air filters and mechanical parts and so on, the project focuses on clean room, trade, mainly engaged in international commodity exchanges, and complement each other, and the service is mainly import and export of goods to countries providing information advice and services. Our main products: World Filtration experts - Multi-function dry compressed air filters. Other products such as cold and dry machines, external drainage device, relief valve, oil mist and high-oil, if necessary details of our products, please call request. Yee Tong Group in the late nineties, development and introduction of the United States and Japan plugging technology products and equipment specifically designed for plugging, impervious. New Yee Tung Machinery Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has leaked to handle professional engineering departments, professional resolve the oil container, oil pipelines, transformer oil tank leaks and parts, and dedicated customer service.


Foshan Duoyimei Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Foshan Duoyimei Medical Instrument Co., Ltd is a comprehensive manufacturer specializing in dental instrument and dental equipment. Our company was founded in 2005, located at the center of Zhujiang Delta; its south side adjoins Shenzhen, Zhuhai and so on. It is just 8 kilometers from Guangzhou. The transportation is very convenient. There are many famous domestic and foreign dental unit manufacturers nearby our company, providing completely service for you. Our company has many kinds of certificates and has obtained the product registration form. We guarantee the quality of our products we offer. The partial products also applied for the national usable patent and the outward appearance patent, moreover in the profession originates emerging product. Our Company have registered "DYM, SKi" as a trademark of our company and products The workshop area is more than 4000 square meters. There is more than 100 staffs. We have all kinds of talented persons. We have supplied a series of perfect service for the development of our products, the production, and the sell, post-sell and so on. After several years’ development and consistent progress, our company always takes the tenet of “Never forgetting those giving us support, ceaselessly exploit and innovate, keeping the stable quality and the reasonable price”, so it has been supported by the friends in dentistry. Quality of service is DYM forever commitment to customers. Our main products: SkiLED Curing Light, SkiAir Compressor, SkiAutomatic Drainage System, SkiLubricators,SkiHandpiece Oil, SkiHigh Speed Diomand Burs, Doctor Chair, Handpiece, Tube of Handpiece, Turbine and so on. Because with you we will more efforts and energetic! We hope you will stand by us forever!


Shanghai Denair Compressor Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Denair Compressor Co., Ltd is registered in shanghai large-scale professio-nal compressor producing and exporting en-terprise .Designed by different markets and different projects condition, the configuration reference Germany Denair standard. Germany Denair Group, whose headquarter is located in Cologne City, Westfalen State of Germany, is the top 100 machinery enterprises and one of the famous brands in the fields of compressor in Germany. Since 1875 the first refrigerant compressor unit was produced, we have been dedicated to researching, developing and producing compressors. Our products cover: double screw air compressors, piston air compressors, root’s blowers, axial flow fan, vacuum pump, portable air compressors, high/ medium pressure air compressors and oil free air compressors, etc. The European R&D center located in Cologne has the most accurate three-coordinates measuring machine, special purpose machine and special purpose grinder in the world, ensures the R&D of core technology to make breakthroughs continuously. The AERZEN series double screw air compressors developed by Denair group which keeps the leading position in this field and saves energy 10% or more. In 1998, Shanghai office of Denair group was established and started to sell original Denair double screw air compressors in Chinese market. We have developed a good reputation. In 2006, Shanghai Denair Compressor Co., Ltd. was established; we set up the R&D center, pilot plant and warehouse in Jiading District, Shanghai; we brought in precision equipment, R&D and the Denair methods of production to manufacture high quality units.At present, the sales and service network for Shanghai Denair Compressor Co., Ltd. is divided into Domestic 8 areas: East China, South China, North China, Southwest China, Central China, and Northeast China. The abroad including: Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Australia and United States etc. There are over 200 distributors and branches in China’s major cities. Our excellent service staff will supply you the best maintenance and repair service in various regions. Because of holding latest core technology and strict after service, Denair would like to become your best friend in compressed air systems.